01 December 2021

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What Are Attribute Groups? – Product Management With Akeneo

product Management with Akeneo

Attributes are characteristics that define products. These could be physical attributes like size, colour and weight, or they could be intangible like price and style. Either way, they help customers in their purchasing decisions.

As an ecommerce business, there’s no doubt you will already be familiar with product attributes and the time consuming process of assigning them to products, particularly if you have a large catalogue to contend with.

Whether you’re trying to add a new product range or simply update existing products, assigning and changing product attributes is a mundane process. Think of it as valuable time that could be spent elsewhere.

Why Bother With Product Attributes?

Despite the hefty task of assigning attributes, they are extremely important. Enriched product attributes ensure customers make fewer purchase mistakes, meaning a reduction in returned goods. With more accurate attributes, customers will also see you as reliable and trustworthy. Therefore, more likely to shop with you again.

In order to streamline product enrichment, we recommend a PIM (Product Information Management) system. We work alongside our trusted partner, Akeneo, to enable merchants to manage their products more effectively.

All About Akeneo

Akeneo’s PIM allows ecommerce businesses to deliver compelling omnichannel product experiences that can be managed all in one place. This system advocates collaboration and productivity by enabling team members to enrich product data via a more streamlined process.

One way of doing this is via Attribute Groups.

What are Attribute Groups?

There are 17 different types of attributes within Akeneo. Attributes are gathered into families, meaning that all products belonging to the same family share the same attributes.

Attribute Groups allow product characteristics to be grouped together, providing more visibility when customers begin their product search.

Once an Attribute Group has been created, the group will automatically appear in your Product Form if the product features at least one attribute within this group.

The idea behind Attribute Groups is that information relating to products can be entered once and applied to multiple products within the group. This reduces the possibility of data entering errors and is a much less time consuming process.

Akeneo also offer an Enterprise Edition which allows businesses to set permissions on Attribute Groups so that only certain users can view or edit product information.


If you’re struggling with product management and are thinking about introducing a PIM to your tech stack, we are certified Akeneo partners and would be happy to discuss implementation. Give us a call on 0121 369 5874 or email success@5874commerce.com.




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