06 September 2018

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What’s The Deal With Landing Pages?

You’ve probably heard your digital agency mentioning landing pages and how your business needs them, but do you know why? Though the name does give away a huge clue about what a landing page is, many people still don’t know their purpose or how to use them effectively to aid your business. Keep reading and we’ll break down the facts for you!


What Is A Landing Page, Exactly?

A landing page is a standalone web page that exists separately from your main website and is a way to direct visitors to a page that has been created solely to fit in with a specific campaign or objective in mind. They are used predominantly in emails, PPC campaigns or social media posts when a user clicks a link. Instead of sending users to your generic homepage, by linking to a landing page, you can ensure you deliver a message that is tailored to the advertisement, whether that be a promotional offer or just a source of information, this will make your posts more coherent and more likely to result in conversions.



Now you know what a landing page is, you need to know what it should look like. We all know that the theory of too many options results in fewer sales; when customers are presented with a huge array of products or too much information, they are less likely to convert. It is often better to present a smaller selection that makes it easier for customers to absorb what they are being presented and make a decision far more quickly. With that being said, a landing page should focus on just one goal with one CTA to avoid distracting users away from converting. If you wish to set up multiple campaigns, it’s better to build a separate landing page for each.

Appearances are also a big factor when it comes to creating a successful landing page:

  • The message on your landing page should match the marketing material that has been sent to the user there.
  • Responsive web design is extremely important, so make sure your landing page is optimised for mobile devices.
  • Keep content short and sweet with a focus on the conversion you want the visitor to complete
  • Your landing page should be branded to match your website
  • Avoid a navigation menu to keep the user on the page


To avoid distractions, there should be no outbound links on images, your logo or main body text. The only outbound link will be on your call-to-action button which will drive visitors to complete the next step in the conversion process.

The main thing to keep in mind with a landing page is whether it meets a user’s expectations based on the message that brings them there. Don’t try and trick or confuse the user by presenting them with a different offer or placing your message too far down the page – keep things simple, after all, that’s what a landing page is about.

If you’re a business looking to create landing pages for your new campaign, we can help. Contact us here for more information.




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