April 04 2017

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Why You Should Be Using A CRM

Every business will have a strategy in place for managing customer relations and projecting future trends, but utilising a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system is the best tool you can use for doing this. As a business, particularly if you deal in eCommerce, you will have a stream of customer data coming in from a variety of places, and it often becomes difficult to manage. From general sales to social media interaction, you will constantly be building relationships with your customers via a variety of different platforms, which is why a CRM system is extremely beneficial for your business, as it allows you to focus on all your relationships in one place.

Being able to access a customer’s order list, customer service issues and even interactions across social will make it easier for you to manage enquires quicker, and easier. This in turn will improve your relationship with your customer, who is the most valuable part of your business. This is where a CRM can help increase sales and profitability, by ensuring the customer is always happy and continues to shop with you. As customers can now interact with businesses in a variety of ways- like an angry tweet about a missed delivery- it is harder to keep track of what information is being spread around. A CRM will allow you to manage all communications, and keep on track of negative and positive feedback, meaning an overall positive outcome for the customer and your business.

Having access to all your customer’s information in one place also means that you can successfully forecast upcoming trends and customer needs. CRM has a proven track record of improving sales and forecast accuracy because it allows you to organise your data and identify leads. Analysing your data in one place will show a clear path for the future of your business. This is an invaluable asset to your business, and is definitely something to consider adding to your strategy.

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