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Whether your business is brand new to PPC or if you’re just looking to give your current PPC a boost, our experts here at 58 are ready to help you survive and thrive and achieve long term online success. We will begin with a detailed PPC audit allowing us to dive into your account and determine areas that could do with a bit of attention or further work to improve performance.


PPC Services Included:

Search Campaigns

Search Campaigns allow for you to display ads in the search listing results of a search engine such as Google or Bing. This is useful when you consider how many customers begin their online experiences with a search engine.

Display Campaigns

Although plain-text ads are beneficial, display ads which include rich elements such as images and video are a great and engaging way to get your message across to your customers.

Shopping Campaigns

Ads that allow you to advertise your products to customers in a visually appealing way, including extra features such as a high quality image of the product, the price of the product and its current review rating.

Remarketing Campaigns

These allow you to show ads to people who have previously visited or shown an interest in your website and products. They are therefore a great way to target customers who are more likely to revisit your site and make a purchase.


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