15 February 2024

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5874 Commerce is B Corp™ Certified!

We’re thrilled and incredibly proud to announce that 5874 Commerce is now a Certified B Corporation™! As a B Corp agency, we’ve joined a global community of businesses that meet B Lab’s high standards of social and environmental impact. 


What is a B Corp™?

According to B Lab, “Certified B Corporations, or B Corps, are companies verified by B Lab to meet high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.” To achieve and maintain B Corp certification, all B Corps must:

  1. Complete the B Impact Assessment and achieve a verified total score of 80+ points.
  2. Meet the B Corp legal requirement – amending Articles of Association to embed a commitment to consider the impact of decisions on all stakeholders.
  3. Sign the B Corp Agreement and the Declaration of Interdependence.

They also publicly list their impact score on the B Lab Directory and recertify every 3 years.

In order to meet all of these requirements, a B Corp must prove that they’re dedicated to continuous improvement and awareness of these core impact areas – Workers, Environment, Customers, Community and Governance.

Getting B Corp Certified

Here at 5874, we believe that business should be a force for good, which is why we decided to undergo the rigorous B Corp certification process. Achieving this certification was definitely a team effort, and is something that we couldn’t have completed without the sheer hard work and diligence from a few key members of the team. One of the people that was crucial throughout this process was Liz Parr, People & Culture director at 5874. Here’s what Liz had to say about the process and what the certification means to us:


Why is Being a B Corp Important to us?

So many of the key components of the B Corp mission have always been a part of 5874’s DNA. We know that we can be better by doing better, which is why we’re always striving to make a difference in the ecommerce industry. 

Our Values

Our values are at the heart of everything we do at 5874, and each of them align or supplement the impact areas at the core of B Lab.



We listen to and consider the thoughts and feelings of others before acting. This allows us to foster stronger and more impactful connections with clients, partners and customers. 



We believe in always being our authentic selves in everything we say and do. You can trust us to be transparent and accountable.



We face challenges head on and strive to be the best in order to deliver results that exceed the highest expectations.  We’re an experienced team with technical know-how and innovative ideas, relentless in achieving excellence.


Sustainability & the Environment

As well as 5874’s dedication to relationships with people, we also care deeply about our relationship with the planet. With the ecommerce industry becoming a huge contributor to environmental concerns such as packaging waste and greenhouse gas emissions, we knew that we had to be the difference that we wanted to see. 

As well as taking steps to make 5874 a more sustainable agency, we’ve also undertaken extensive research to produce our Whitepaper, Conscious Commerce: Uncovering Sustainability in Retail which assessed the sustainable practices of 100 UK-operating online retailers. Two years later, this was followed up by Conscious Commerce 2.0 as we revisited the same 100 merchants to complete the experiment once again and assess how the chaotic trading period that was the Covid-19 Pandemic has affected how businesses are responding to the social discourse on our environment.

Sustainability has always been something that we’ve strived for, so we’re thrilled that we were able to meet the B Lab standards for Environmental impact and will continue to do the best for our planet as well as our people. 


The Women’s Domain 

We also want to be making a positive social impact within our industry, which is why The Women’s Domain was born. Created by 5874 and launched on International Women’s Day 2022, The Women’s Domain is a research project turned ongoing campaign that challenges the biases and obstacles that women face in the workplace whilst also putting a spotlight on their successes and amplifying the voices of those that have been silenced and pushed aside. 5874 have supported this campaign through successful in-person events, webinars and Whitepaper releases – and we’re just getting started. We can’t wait to see how B Corp allows us to expand this campaign and make even more impact in the ecommerce world.


Next Steps

B Corp is about more than just achieving the certification, it’s about the commitment to maintaining B Lab’s standards and making steps to continuous improvement. No one’s perfect, but we’ll continue to keep our values (and that of B Lab) at the heart of 5874 – that’s our promise to you.




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