Conscious Commerce 2.0 - The Race for Sustainability in Retail

Has the Covid-19 pandemic altered the way retailers pack, ship and communicate sustainability to their customers?

Conscious Commerce 2.0 - The Race for Sustainability in Retail

The year 2020 can only be described as an avalanche of change. Covid-19 was rapidly altering the landscape in which we live, shop, socialise and even breathe. With the world struggling to grapple with this new way of living, retail businesses were adapting and evolving to accommodate the needs of consumers and what matters most to them.


During this time, 5874 Commerce undertook an extensive research project to assess the sustainable practices of 100 UK-operating online retailers. Ordering 100 products from 100 different merchants provided great insight into how many businesses, up to that point, had been responding to the climate crisis. 


Now, two years later, 5874 Commerce have revisited the same 100 merchants to complete the experiment once again and assess how such a chaotic period of change has affected how businesses are responding to the social discourse on our environment, and if they have actively made changes to improve their carbon footprint.


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