19 February 2021

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iOS 14 Update: Impact On Advertising

Apple’s recent iOS 14 update is one of Apple’s biggest iOS updates released so far. It is therefore not surprising that the update has brought a number of new features to the iOS interface and settings across iPhones and iPads.

This includes a new home screen layout, smarter siri functions, new memoji options and app updates. However one of the most significant changes, and one which advertisers need to be aware of, is the update to the iOS data collection policy.

It is essential that advertisers know the ins and outs of this update and have a full understanding of how and why the iOS 14 update will impact their ads. 

This blog will explain everything advertisers need to know about the latest iOS update.

Data Protection Update: What You Need To Know

The latest iOS 14 update has brought with it changes to data protection across iOS devices.

The App Tracking Transparency will use Apple’s device identifier to ask for user’s permission before tracking any of their data across apps or websites owned by other companies. The updates intend on giving users increased privacy and allowing them to have more control over how their data is used and applied across the internet.

User’s will have the ability to review which apps have requested permission to track their data on a dashboard within “App Privacy” settings. Previously, consumers had to actively opt-out of data sharing, however users who install the iOS 14 update will now be alerted to opt-in or opt-out.

This new policy will shift towards a better privacy experience with more transparency whereby tracking micro-targeting consumers is no longer the norm.

These changes are not necessarily surprisingly with Apple having continually supported taking steps towards giving consumers more privacy. For example, the previous round of privacy initiatives by Apple involved tightening restrictions on third party cookies.

ios 14 update

How Will The Apple iOS 14 Update Impact Advertisers?

The iOS 14 update is going to impact advertising.

An IDFA (Identifier for Advertisers) is a unique identifier used for targeting in advertising on mobile devices and allows for measurement of ads efficacy. The iOS 14 update will offer users a chance to block the sharing of the IDFA.

This will bring about two main impacts on online ads:

Ad Retargeting – Retargeting users is going to be one of the main areas of advertising affected by the iOS 14 update. Device-level targeting will no longer be possible with users who have blocked or opted out of sharing their IDFA.

Ad Measurement – Ad measurement is going to be much trickier as Mobile Measurement Partners (MMPs) have their measurement capabilities based on the IDFA. There is a replacement API which can pass back conversion data, but there will still be a noticeable reduction in data.

How Will The Apple iOS 14 Update Impact Users?

Users will still be able to receive and view ads, however the new data protection measures will mean those who opt-out will receive non-personalised ads. The ads will be generic and not targeted specifically for the user and could even be totally irrelevant to their taste and preferences.

How Can 5874 Commerce Help Your eCommerce Business?

The new privacy settings feature is one that advertisers need to treat with caution.

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