06 August 2020

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Google Shoploop – Combining Social, Video & eCommerce

Keeping your customers engaged and interested is pivotal in encouraging conversions, loyalty, and repeat business – and brands are being forced to be more innovative than ever in order to stand out amongst the competition.

We know full well that video is one of the most interactive approaches any marker can use. The ability to digest complex digital content and understand clear messaging, as well as it’s sharability and potential reach makes video a really attractive and worthwhile strategy.

With the clear increased popularity in visual, video-based apps such as TikTok and Instagram, and influencer promoted marketing, is it really a surprise that eCommerce is heading in the same direction?


What is Google Shoploop?

Google Shoploop is essentially forming a connection between social media and eCommerce, two processes that are inextricably linked. Using short video clips (less than 90 seconds) Google Shoploop intends to streamline the online shopping experience.

Shoppable content creates an instant purchasing opportunity for the consumer, which cuts out the middleman and encourages quick and easy conversions.

The Google Shoploop app acts as a hub where consumers can discover, research, and buy, all in one centralised location. Users will also benefit from versatility features such as being able to access product reviews, bookmark products they’re interested in, and navigate by a direct link to the merchant’s own eCommerce store.

Currently focussing on the beauty vertical, Google Shoploop is targeting trusted content creators in this industry sector. The interesting point here is that the platform can leverage the existing roles that influencers play in product marketing.

Links to Mobile commerce

Brands are constantly striving to make the entire purchasing experience as enjoyable, fast, easy, and hassle-free as possible. In this digitally focussed society, consumers demand extreme accessibility, not to mention in record speed. The way that mobile commerce is reshaping the retail industry puts Google Shoploop in a more than ideal position to take advantage of the vast mobile usage and screentime occupied by such a wide demographic, i.e more than 95% of Gen Z own a smartphone.




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