Empowering Your Ecommerce Business with GTSE & BigCommerce

Watch 5874’s Senior Client Success Manager, Josh Chamberlain, in conversation with ECommerce Director and Co-Founder at GTSE, Tom Armenante, alongside Dorant Dinorama from BigCommerce.

The panel dives into the digital transformation journey of GTSE, a leader in trade supplies, cable ties, tape and tools.  Uncovering the remarkable story of growth, innovation, and success, as they transitioned into a ‘Global Model’ allowing them to expand into new markets.

Also discussed:

  • The owner’s career trajectory
  • Witness the evolution of GTSE’s tech stack
  • Discover the pivotal role played by BigCommerce in propelling their expansion

From overcoming challenges to GTSE’s plans for the future, this webinar provides invaluable insights for businesses seeking to thrive in the digital realm.

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The ROI of Inclusion and Building a Culture Fit for Women

In 2023, The Women’s Domain launched its first whitepaper: Shaping the Future of eCommerce. It touched on a range of topics, compiling research, first-hand accounts and key insights on what it’s like to be a woman working in the ecommerce industry today.

The Women’s Domain has grown immensely since that initial release and now it’s time for the next steps.

Real progression. Real change.

In this 2024 edition on ‘The ROI of Inclusion and Building a Culture Fit for Women’, you’ll find practical guidance backed by extensive research on how businesses can curate an inclusive environment and back women as they pioneer key advancements in the industry.  A whitepaper of two parts, inside you’ll find discussions on:


Is Your Culture Fit for Women?

  • How Toxic Work Culture is Failing Women
  • DEI: How to Create and Maintain an Inclusive Workplace
  • Shifting the Spotlight: Examining The Representation Of Women At Industry Events
  • Flexible Working: The Debate Continues
  • Parental Leave and Reboarding


Women’s Impact on eCommerce

  • The FemTech Revolution
  • A Woman’s Touch: Driving Success, Closing Investment Gaps, and Championing Purpose-Driven Ventures
  • Social Commerce & the Purchasing Power of Women


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Peak Performance Webinar

Optimising Peak Performance and Customer Experience

Is Your Store Prepared for Peak Trading? 

During this webinar, the panel look at how the online contemporary home furniture retailer, Furniturebox, tackled problems with their existing website to boost the customer experience ahead of Q4 2023.

With a bespoke BigCommerce checkout and enhanced search and merchandising with Searchspring, Furniturebox saw their website reach peak performance with a 100% boost in revenue.

In this webinar, 5874 Commerce’s Amber Forbes chats to Kayla Wilson from Furniturebox, while Elise Johnson joins from Searchspring.

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BigCommerce B2B

Unlocking Intuitive B2B eCommerce with BigCommerce

An open discussion on how BigCommerce enables B2B businesses to thrive in the online marketplace.


We teamed up with BigCommerce to deliver this exclusive webinar looking at how B2B businesses can utilise the platform effectively in order to streamline processes and maximise customer loyalty. 

During this virtual webinar, host Rupert Cross (5874 Commerce) has an in-depth discussion with BigCommerce’s General Manager of B2B BigCommerce, Lance Owide on :

  • The key B2B use cases that BigCommerce helps to solve
  • Frontend operations within BigCommerce
  • Integrating with B2B Systems
  • Creating engaging customer experiences to maximise loyalty
  • Streamlining B2B payments and checkout
  • Analytics and reporting for B2B growth
  • Scaling your B2B business on BigCommerce

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A Seat at the Table: The Obstacles, Motivation and Skills for Women in Leadership

What does the path to leadership look like?

The first in a series of virtual events by The Women’s Domain looking into detail at the role and future of women in ecommerce.

This event is an open discussion between 5874 Commerce’s Sara Russell and BigCommerce’s SR. Manager of Agency Partnerships (Americas), Lauryn Spence. Both women have had incredible journeys climbing the ladder of success and they will sit down for this live discussion to address topics such as:

  • What makes a great leader?
  • Getting past the ‘white boys club’ in the board room
  • Technical vs commercial roles and having difficult conversations
  • The impact of motherhood on your career


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Cash Flow is King: How to Avoid the Threat of Excess Stock

Focused on cash flow right now?  Does it feel like there’s a lot of cash tied up in excess stock?

We’ve teamed up with Inventory Planner by Sage to deliver an important online resource, designed to help retailers release cash flow and plan inventory.

The virtual webcast features discussions covering everything from the technology on offer to real-life examples from top brands who have released cash flow through accurate inventory forecasting –  as well as a live Q&A with our hosts, Rupert Cross (5874 Commerce) and Jill Liliedahl (Inventory Planner by Sage). 

As the saying goes, “knowledge is power “– and one of the smartest moves you can make right now is to be informed about the impending challenges and the solutions on offer.

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women in ecommerce

The Women’s Domain : Shaping the Future of eCommerce


On International Women’s Day 2022, 5874 Commerce’s marketing team (consisting solely of women) launched a campaign that aimed to learn from and celebrate women in the eCommerce industry. 


The plan was to understand how women occupy the eCommerce space. What are the obstacles? How can workplaces be more inclusive? What can we do to encourage women to join the industry? 


Through podcasts, interviews, in-person roundtable events and guidance and participation from leading eCommerce partners such as BigCommerce, Akeneo, Adyen, Brightpearl and more, we’ve compiled a whitepaper on everything we’ve learned so far. 


You’ll find key insights and first-hand accounts on what it’s like to work within the eCommerce industry as a woman, including:

  • Discussions around motherhood, imposter syndrome, women’s health, leadership, networking, diversity and STEM
  • How to climb the career ladder and lift others up with you
  • How businesses can become more inclusive and which ones are already doing it right
  • Technical vs Commercial – why women can feel excluded from the conversation and how we can overcome this
  • What’s next for The Women’s Domain


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The Point of No Return – The Retailer’s Guide to Returns

Consumer expectations rocketed during the Covid-19 pandemic. As online sales and impulse purchases increased, so did product returns. They’re not slowing down, either.

Is the answer to customer satisfaction really free returns? Does a longer returns period mean greater customer retention? And what does all of this mean for the environment?

5874 Commerce ordered from 100 merchants, analysing their returns process in order to see what works and what doesn’t.

This FREE whitepaper includes:

  • Returns policies & the rights of the consumer
  • How the returns process can vary between retailers
  • Returns and the environment
  • Returns and customer retention
  • The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on returns

Featuring merchants such as Boots, Marks & Spencer, Argos and many more. With insights from BigCommerce, Brightpearl, Akeneo and more key ecommerce partners.

Conscious Commerce 2.0 – The Race for Sustainability in Retail

The year 2020 can only be described as an avalanche of change. Covid-19 was rapidly altering the landscape in which we live, shop, socialise and even breathe. With the world struggling to grapple with this new way of living, retail businesses were adapting and evolving to accommodate the needs of consumers and what matters most to them.


During this time, 5874 Commerce undertook an extensive research project to assess the sustainable practices of 100 UK-operating online retailers. Ordering 100 products from 100 different merchants provided great insight into how many businesses, up to that point, had been responding to the climate crisis. 


Now, two years later, 5874 Commerce have revisited the same 100 merchants to complete the experiment once again and assess how such a chaotic period of change has affected how businesses are responding to the social discourse on our environment, and if they have actively made changes to improve their carbon footprint.


5874 Replatform Guide Whitepaper

Ultimate eCommerce Replatform Guide

Have you been considering making a switch but aren’t sure where to start?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with out Ultimate eCommerce Replatform Guide!

5874 Returns in Retail Whitepaper


Meeting consumer expectations is key to increasing satisfaction. An innovative and streamlined approach to returns generates return custom and improves lifetime value.

5874 Commerce ordered from 100 merchants, analysing their returns process.

5874 Conscious Commerce Whitepaper

Conscious Commerce

Online purchases are increasingly determined by how the consumer relates and views a brand’s values. The recent change in consumer expectations is driving great innovation and transformation within the sustainable retail scene.

From small independent businesses through to large corporations, it is the responsibility of retailers to determine their take and approach to eco-friendly commerce.

5874 Commerce ordered from 100 merchants across a range of verticals. We analysed their efforts towards sustainable shopping practices and eco-friendly supply chain operations. This covered on-site customer experience right through to delivery packaging.

5874 Digital Transformation Whitepaper

Digital Transformation Whitepaper

Make digital transformation your priority in today’s competitive eCommerce landscape. Packed with vital knowledge and insights on how digital transformation is crucial for evolving your business, this white paper includes:




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