The Women's Domain

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The Women's Domain


On International Women’s Day 2022, 5874 Commerce’s marketing team (consisting solely of women) launched a campaign that aimed to learn from and celebrate women in the eCommerce industry. 


The plan was to understand how women occupy the eCommerce space. What are the obstacles? How can workplaces be more inclusive? What can we do to encourage women to join the industry? 


Through podcasts, interviews, in-person roundtable events and guidance and participation from leading eCommerce partners such as BigCommerce, Akeneo, Adyen, Brightpearl and more, we’ve compiled a whitepaper on everything we’ve learned so far. 


You’ll find key insights and first-hand accounts on what it’s like to work within the eCommerce industry as a woman, including:

  • Discussions around motherhood, imposter syndrome, women’s health, leadership, networking, diversity and STEM
  • How to climb the career ladder and lift others up with you
  • How businesses can become more inclusive and which ones are already doing it right
  • Technical vs Commercial – why women can feel excluded from the conversation and how we can overcome this
  • What’s next for The Women’s Domain


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