08 March 2021

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International Women’s Day – What inspires women at 5874

International Women's Day

International Women’s Day is celebrated every year on the 8th of March. This is a date highlight the role of women through history. A date to celebrate everything that we have accomplished and set objectives for the future.

Today at 5874 Commerce we want to celebrate this special occasion by sharing our team’s experiences and motivational quotes.

For us, gender equality is not only about a particular date when demonstrations take place. Our goal is to prove day by day that everybody at our workplace is given the same opportunities. It is important for our staff to feel that they are being treated equally.

Problem solving is part of day to day work in a digital agency, so it is staying motivated to be able to provide the best services and experience to our clients.

How do women at 5874 Commerce go around this topic?

5874 Commerce Women and Creative Problem Solving

Women and men tend to evaluate problems differently. This affirmation is supported by a 2001 Harvard study that found that certain parts of the brain were differently sized in males and females. In particular it found that parts of the frontal lobe, responsible for problem solving, and the limbic cortex responsible for regulating emotions, were larger in women.

To celebrate International Women’s Day we asked our female team members about situations where they had to use their creativity in order to face a problem.

Cristina Extremo, our Performance Marketing Manager shares her story with us:


“I worked for a client once that was decreasing on their organic CTR. The reason being was the increase of competition for a particular keyword and I needed to act fast. I investigated all the competitors and really studied the audience.

This audience was becoming more and more concerned about the environment. And then it clicked! My client was in the automotive industry and in order to connect with this audience, I had the idea of implementing “Car emissions schema markup”.

This way the emissions would show up on the search results when the user looked for this keyword… And it worked! CTR was higher than ever, traffic increased and conversions raised. 

Being able to see the bigger picture and connecting the dots is what makes the difference”


But this is not the only example to encourage other women in the marketing industry. Preiti Randhawa our Client Services & Operations Director gave us her tips and steps on how she uses creativity when facing a challenge:


“I’ve learnt a lot about Commerce and Tech since joining 5874 but there are still parts of conversations that just go over my head (especially when the solutions and development team are talking through complex ideas). 

So instead of shying away from something I don’t understand, I use my imagination to think of the problem or solution as a story and proceed to ask questions about various chapters or characters I’m unclear on.

 I break down the plot to its simplest form in my head and recite the synopsis back to the person to make sure we’re on the same page. Most of the time it takes a few rewrites but once the story is right I find it much easier to understand and remember in future.”


Our Performance Marketing Executive, Ellie Redman also shares how creative working methods can help her day-to-day tasks:


“Creativity in the workplace is all about using your imagination and finding innovative and at times unconventional ways to work through projects.

As content-creation has been a key part of my current and previous job roles.

I find myself regularly creating mind maps and using creative brainstorming sessions to help new ideas flow and get through any writing blocks.”

Quotes that motivate women at 5874 Commerce

To be able to get the best results, effective problem solving and creativity, we need to be able to stay motivated. To celebrate International Women’s Day, we wanted to share some of the quotes that inspire our team.

Lucy Brown, our Senior Designer shares with us:


“Success should be based on happiness and little else”. I think this is really important when thinking of careers and especially as a woman, it’s easy to strive to get to higher points when it’s not the important thing”


This quote is specially relevant on International Women’s Day as sometimes women feel judged by the title they have. Lucy also share with us her experience that is closely related to her inspirational quote:

“Personally I had the chance to go for a more senior role, and didn’t get it – the best person for the job did! But in hindsight, it wouldn’t have made me happy like the role I’m in now does. I feel it’s about keeping in touch with your inner happiness and making sure you don’t go for opportunities just for the title when you may be happy right where you are for now, and if you’re not then look at doing something about it!”

Lucy Brown

One of our team members, Emma-Louise Kerr, our Junior Web Developer, has specially motivating quotes to always keep chasing your goals:


“Choose your battles” if we’re all striving for the same goal, don’t start fighting over the little things… unless it’s important, then ⚔️. (Fight)”


We thrive to become better everyday and make our team as supportive as possible. People are our most valuable asset and we are constantly growing our team. Would you like to be part of our family?

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