GTSE is a leader in trade supplies, cable ties, tape and tools who supply high-quality, durable and dependable products for every purpose, for a range of personal and commercial projects.

Key Points

Transition GTSE into a ‘Global Model’ allowing them to expand into new markets

Improve tracking capabilities with GA4 (Google Analytics 4)

Provide maintenance and support on GTSE Azure serverless functions

Increase cross-selling opportunities at the product level

Improve product discoverability

Develop an understanding of the GTSE build inherited website to facilitate ongoing support


The Client

GTSE came to 5874 Commerce looking for more than a development agency, it was looking for an agency to partner with it, challenge it when necessary and support it through a crucial stage of expansion into new regions whilst remaining cost effective for its business needs.

The Challenge

Initially, 5874 were tasked with upgrading GTSE’s Cornerstone theme with the aim of reaping the benefits of 5874’s Site Speed research and data layer functionality. GTSE also wanted there to be a focus on support that was backed by a higher calibre of expertise than they were receiving previously. 

Like any project, there were challenges that the team had to overcome. As GTSE had passed through other agencies before 5874, the codebase required extra care when performing updates, theme upgrades and developing their Global Model. This meant spending some time familiarising themselves with the current GTSE build and getting to grips with the theme, code, serverless functions and the client in general in order to pick up any ongoing support and help plan a roadmap which would factor in its growth going forward.


Our Solution

Global Model

In order to address GTSE’s desire to expand into international markets through a ‘Global Model’, it was decided that BigCommerce’s multi-storefront capabilities would be the way forward for GTSE. Utilising this platform would provide the business with a fully functional ecommerce store with a theme that begins as the baseline for any local implementation. Additionally, the platform was flexible enough to deploy quickly but extensible enough to cater for additional custom features and capabilities. 


Data Layer

In order to improve tracking capabilities with GA4, it was decided that a data layer would be built into the theme. A data layer is a key piece of functionality which is built into 5874’s version of Cornerstone, and consists of universal javascript injected for event tracking. As the data layer’s event hooks can send data directly to GA4, GTSE is now able to see a clear picture of its buyer’s journey and track specific points of this journey. 


Cross-Selling Widget 

As one of the goals of the project was to increase cross-selling opportunities at the product level, our solution was to introduce a custom-built cross-selling widget that would give GTSE the ability to show associated products on any product page. As a result, users can now add associated simple products directly to their basket, with complex products being accessible through a quick view modal while still remaining on the original product page.


Chosen Integrations

 A ShipperHQ integration was used to display a Delivery Countdown Timer in order to highlight to the user when the product that they are viewing will be dispatched. With this integration, the countdown timer changes depending on the ShipperHQ value (size, location etc.), as this affects dispatch and delivery times. 

Reviews.io was the chosen review platform by the client to provide product level reviews and company reviews displayed on the site. By implementing a review platform like Reviews.io, GTSE are now able to reap the benefits of product reviews such as increased customer loyalty and trust in the brand.

Project Results

As a result of transitioning the GTSE storefront to a Global Model, they were able to launch in the US, with a view to expanding further. With this new Global Model, the business is also able to save dramatically on maintenance costs. GTSE’s current site is now scalable and ready for the next stage of growth.


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