Virbac B2B

Founded in 1968, Virbac has R&D centres across 5 continents, sales subsidiaries in 33 countries and production sites in over 10, making it one of the largest veterinary pharmaceutical groups in the world. It links the needs of caregivers with the latest technological advances and aims to provide veterinarians, farmers and pet owners worldwide with a set of innovative solutions to fight animal diseases.

Key Points

Global platform built in 7 months

2 months to market for each new region

38 B2B store program - 17 to be launched in 2023

Quarterly platform improvements


The Client

Founded in 1968, Virbac is the 8th largest veterinary pharmaceutical group in the world with production, R&D, and sales subsidiaries in over 45 countries.  Focused on animal health since its beginning, Virbac was built with a desire to provide veterinarians, farmers and pet owners worldwide with a set of innovative solutions to fight animal diseases.  It links the needs of caregivers with the latest technological advances, with an innovative ecosystem which delivers a practical range of products and services to diagnose, prevent and treat the majority of pathologies, all while improving the quality of life for animals.

The Challenge

  • Replace an obsolete legacy platform
  • Integrate seamlessly with new ERPs and other platforms
  • Improve efficiency of online operations
  • Develop a centralised B2B web ordering solution, deployable to all Virbac affiliates and satisfy their business needs.


Virbac is in the middle of a company-wide digital transformation, moving to a SaaS approach, having been using a legacy Infosys B2B platform that ran directly on top of the Movex ERP platform.  This was expensive, hard to maintain and only rolled out to a fraction of the different regions of the business.    

The business’ growth was considerably slowed down due this legacy structure so it was clear we needed to build it a tool that was completely scalable and built on a solid foundation to enable expansion.  They wanted to develop a Global B2B web ordering model that could be rolled out at scale to all of the regions, but be maintained centrally using the power, flexibility and scalability of BigCommerce B2B Edition to connect to current and future technology stacks.

“All the teams were working really fast and efficiently to solve the bumps along the way. Everyone made a huge effort to make the Danish B2B launch manageable and smooth. Awesome teamwork!” 

Alexandra B. HOFFMANN | eBusiness Manager, VIRBAC DANMARK A/S


Our Solution

The current platform is a retired component of Virbac’s Movex ERP solution and requires replacement. This provided us with the opportunity to develop a new eCommerce B2B solution which can be maintained centrally and aligns with Virbac’s wider digital transformation process.
The new B2B eCommerce solution is designed to be easily replicable but flexible, allowing Virbac to deploy to their global affiliates while maintaining core functionality from a centralised authority, provided and maintained by Virbac Global.
By building a new B2B web ordering platform, utilising BigCommerce B2B technology, we’re aiming to increase the share of turnover captured online from just 10% to 50%. The newly developed open, flexible and modular infrastructure is configurable on a per-store basis but is maintained from a single codebase – improving efficiency of online operations and moves the business from an on premises first to cloud philosophy.

Project Results

  • Increased Average Order Value
  • Greater stability
  • Increased percentage of online orders


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