Moving businesses from monolithic legacy platforms to a more robust, scalable solution.

Migration to a new platform can completely transform the functionality and performance of your website, providing you with all the tools necessary to scale and adapt as technology advances.


Why replatform?

eCommerce businesses of all sizes are still struggling to scale and innovate their business operations how they’d like to. Unsuitable legacy platforms are limiting their sales, damaging user experience, and pose huge security risks. 

Replatforming an eCommerce site is an opportunity for retailers to enhance their site’s capabilities for longevity and sustainability.


How we do it.


We review the existing platform and website architecture, reassess business objectives and determine the risks and potential costs of replatforming. We then meet with stakeholders and determine which platform reinforces your business objectives and KPIs.

Design & Development

After reviewing current design and sitemap, we determine what needs to change and develop new wireframes and visuals. We then revise all site content and optimise metadata, setting up keyword tracking for the new site.

Our developers and QA specialists work on a beta version of the site, perfecting and re-working so it is ready for launch.


We create an ongoing support plan while also conducting training on new store admin to your wider team. We then continue to review site performance and make adjustments where necessary.


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5 online bookshops replatformed to BigCommerce.


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