13 April 2023

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4 Tips for B2B eCommerce


The B2B eCommerce market is expanding quickly, and consumers have high standards. 

Business-to-business eCommerce, also referred to as B2B eCommerce, is a type of eCommerce exchange of goods, services, or information between one organisation and another company. For example, a car manufacturer acquires automobile parts from another online firm – this is a B2B eCommerce exchange.

Here is a list of some of our favourite B2B tips to achieve the best possible merchandising success in the booming business-to-business eCommerce market.



Next-day delivery? Yes, please!

Since the rise of online sales during the Covid-19 pandemic, people expect to receive free or fast shipping, even within business transactions.

Many B2B eCommerce companies are turning to advanced eCommerce logistics software to adapt to these customer expectations. For example, our partner’s ShipperHQ is a Shipping Rate Management solution that helps merchants take total control of their checkout experience such as shipping discounts and delivery dates. 

We at 5874 can build a pre-purchase shipping strategy that aligns with the way you run your business.


Focus On The Buyer Experience

For B2B success, it is crucial to comprehend the demands and desires of your target market.

Knowing what customers value and applying that to your own eCommerce storefront can be very advantageous for the future of your brand. For instance, streamlining the checkout process and storefront navigation is a simple method to increase accessibility for your online store.

The significance of providing top-notch service to users helps to ensure their security and safety, and encourages user loyalty to your B2B business.

For your eCommerce site, it’s a good idea to compile all commonly asked questions in one location. A strong FAQ page can increase client satisfaction and your Google SEO ranking.

Be Unique

Try new ideas and think creatively. Make sure your B2B storefront is bold, distinctive and noticeable.

A/B testing is a smart approach to determine what appeals to your target audience. Visitors view 1 of 2 different pages during A/B testing. The A version is the first, while the B version is the second. Typically, they differ in some other ways or have slightly distinct designs.

Throughout the test, you gather information from actual visitors so that you can clearly identify which page converts the best. This is a really effective strategy for increasing your B2B eCommerce store conversion because you’ll discover which design options produce the best outcomes.


Free Samples and Trials

Free trials and samples are excellent ways to introduce new goods and services to your customers. Besides, who would refuse a free product?

Knowing what is being purchased allows the eCommerce business to know what they are purchasing, which eventually leads to building trust for your eCommerce store and forming business partnerships, especially because B2B purchases are frequently made in bulk.


Need a platform to help your B2B eCommerce storefront? We’ve got your back.

Our long-term partners BigCommerce, have launched a B2B edition within their enterprise plan. This plan includes features to help streamline processes with specific B2B features and themes.

Let’s not forget we at 5874 Commerce are an experienced team who have worked across major B2B projects, including Loacker, Harrison and Holistic Trader. By recognising the radical change the B2B landscape has undergone in the past few years, we work to ensure your online presence is fully optimised for growth. 


With a deep understanding of the B2B buyer journey, we can develop experiences that focus on your customers and what they desire. If you are interested in improving or getting your B2B eCommerce store online get in touch and we will be happy to help!




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