08 July 2021

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4 Ways To Increase Checkout Conversions

According to Econsultancy, online sales growth saw an impressive 36.6% year-on-year increase in 2020, the largest growth the industry has seen since 2007.

Competition to secure sales is therefore higher than ever and retailers need to be on top of their game to prevent high cart abandonment rates from any unnecessary loss of valuable sales. Yotpo revealed that “the average eCommerce conversion rate across all industries is only between 2 and 4%”.

To help you out, we’ve provided the 4 top ways you can increase your checkout conversions. 

These methods will all ensure you are making every effort to turn potential customers into happy buying customers. Let’s explore the different ways you can increase your checkout conversions.

1. Ensure your checkout is optimised for mobile

Mobile commerce is witnessing unprecedented growth.

Having a tip top mobile checkout experience should be a high priority for any eCommerce business. If your eCommerce business’ mobile checkout is not providing a seamless, customer-first experience then the risk of losing out on valuable sales is pretty high!

Things to consider when making sure your mobile checkout page is optimised for conversions:

  • Keep the checkout page simple and straightforward
  • Basic design with minimal distractions.
  • Ensure key CTA buttons stand out and are within the mobile “thumb zone”

2. Offering customers multiple payment methods

Today’s consumer requires convenience and flexibility at every touch point of the customer journey. 

The payment section of an eCommerce site is proving to be no exception, with customers increasingly expecting multiple methods of paying for their purchase.

Retailers who provide just one, or a very limited selection of payment options are going to be encouraging cart abandonment – and that’s the last thing you want.

Having multiple payment options available for your customers at checkout can create high converting checkout pages.

There are countless payment providers out there, including the likes of PayPal, Apple Pay and Amazon Pay. All offering their own unique features, customers are often most familiar or comfortable in using one particular method, so by offering a mix of providers, you are more likely to please a wider range of customers.

We advise analysing your customer base and have a full understanding of which payment options would be best suited for them.

If you are able to do this successfully and satisfy the needs of your customers, you will be in a position to increase eCommerce conversion rates and attract repeat customers.

3. Using an Autofill feature on the Checkout page

The joy of online shopping is quickly lost when you have to enter in every single detail at checkout, right?

Even though manually inputting personal details to the checkout page may only require a few minutes of a customer’s time, this can still be a turn off for customers as they lack the patience and time to do so. And let’s be honest, we’ve all been there before!

Any extra complexity within the check out phase can lead to shopping cart abandonment. Implementing an autofill feature can be a fantastic way to overcome this hurdle, with the checkout auto-completing all fields for the customer, saving time and effort on their behalf and leading to a high converting checkout page.

Another extra bonus of an autofill feature is its capability of reducing error and increasing accuracy across data inputted. This simple step can make a world of difference, reducing cart abandonment and helping increase conversions.

4. Allow guest checkout

Forcing customers into creating an account with your brand at checkout is never going to end well.

As previously mentioned, simplicity is key to a positive checkout experience. By making a customer sign up to something they don’t want to, you are likely to lose their custom and encourage eCommerce cart abandonment.

A guest checkout alternative is therefore an ideal way to attract customers who wish to make a purchase but don’t feel they have the time or desire to set up an account.

You are removing the number of stages the customer needs to take in order to purchase the product/service, and therefore increasing the chance of the final sale.

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