13 November 2017

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5 things in 5 minutes – Improve Your Sales

We know that working in eCommerce can mean you’re always trying to find quick solutions to improve your sales; unfortunately, most of the time the best wins do take more time and planning. However, there are a few things you can do right now to give your sales a boost!


1. Create Urgency

Push your customers into making the decision to visit your site and make a purchase right away by. This can be done easily by introducing exclusive email offers or offering free delivery for a limited time. Posting discount codes to social media will also drive more sales.


2. Reduce Cart Abandonment

Make sure your customers reach that final stage in making a purchase. There are many things you can introduce in order to reduce your cart abandonment – we’ve written a full guide on what you can do, here.


3. Focus on Headlines

With feeds full of brands promoting their products/services, you need to make sure you’re grabbing the attention of your customers so they stop and take notice of what you have to offer. Cut back on your text and focus on a catchy headline with images or video doing most of the talking.


4. Improve Your CTA’s

Your site navigation is key to ensuring your customers find what they need and are able to purchase with ease. Make your calls to action buttons clear and accessible on every page. These include ‘buy now’ and ‘subscribe to mailing list’ buttons – take a look around your site and experience it from your customer’s POV.


5. Don’t Withhold Information

Customer’s like to know a guarantee, what your store policies are and delivery information. Make sure these are included and easy accessed on your site if they’re not already as they will make sure your site visitors will trust you enough to make a purchase. Displaying product reviews can also encourage more sales, as it allows your potential customers to make informed decisions.


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