24 November 2022

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Akeneo Launches Their “Product Cloud”


What Is the Akeneo “Product Cloud”?

Akeneo, one of 5874’s most trusted partners, is always upgrading its solutions and modernising its PIM offerings. The new Akeneo Product Cloud, which was launched at the first-ever Unlock Boston conference in October, is a groundbreaking solution that will enable commerce businesses to support the delivery of world-class product experiences.


The Product Cloud is a complete and composable SaaS-based solution which will simplify, orchestrate, and optimise all of the components involved in creating a bold and alluring customer experience. This will drive exceptional omnichannel product experiences across all owned and unowned channels.


What’s Included?

Akeneo Product Cloud will include the following features as it progresses through the development phases:

  • The product data studios connect each product record component to a modern PIM that provides native product asset management and syndication functions, enabling the product record to be managed and optimised. Additional Studios will support dynamic elements of product information, such as product availability management, price optimisation, and user-generated content.


  •  An App Store that makes it easy to activate product data across any commerce channel or business application, as well as providing solutions for enhancing core product data with ease created in the Product Data Studios.


  • A scalable Product Data Platform (PDP) to centralise and orchestrate all product records consumed by each Product Data Studio, as well as performance analytics to inform business decisions.



Why Is It Useful?

The Akeneo Product Cloud can transform a shopper’s negative experience into a positive one. Akeneo’s research has shown that businesses that take an omnichannel approach to activate their entire set of product information are the ones who will see long-term revenue growth. We are excited about Akeneo’s vision for its Product Cloud and believe this is what it will take to deliver world-class product experiences and re-engage customers!


A few benefits of the Akeneo Product Cloud:

  • Unlocks business growth by boosting sales and concentrating less on the fundamentals and more on the customer’s needs and values.
  • Provides cloud creative solutions that will essentially fuel product experiences 
  • Activates and optimises the entire product information lifecycle
  • Creates foundations that are composable and scalable


As an Akeneo Bronze Partner, we help companies who understand that data is crucial to their success. Retailers and global brands trust Akeneo to scale and customise their omnichannel commerce initiative.

It’s safe to say, by using the Akeneo Product Cloud, brands and retailers are able to activate product experiences across all channels, resulting in improved customer experiences, increased sales and most of all accelerated growth.

Take a deeper look at our partnership with Akeneo here.




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