09 February 2022

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Best-In-Class eCommerce Tools and Integrations for 2022

ecommerce tools and integrations

Many businesses will have had good intentions when January came around but we all know the post-peak slump can be a struggle. 

With that in mind, merchants will be focused on upcoming trends and tools that will benefit their digital strategy as the year progresses. 

We’ve done our research and discussed what we think is going to be big in the year 2022. These ecommerce tools and integrations will be a valuable addition to your tech stack as we enter a huge period of change and growth following the pandemic. Check them out below.


Fast Payments

Fast allow your customers to checkout with one click, skipping the headache of creating accounts and filling out long forms. With social selling increasing in popularity, consumers are expecting businesses to make the purchasing process as smooth as possible. By adding the Fast Checkout button to your store, you’ll give your sales the ultimate boost. 

2022 will have a strong focus on crafting great online experiences for your customers. Improving the checkout process will go a long way to building customer loyalty.

Find out more in our Fast Partner Profile.


Akeneo PXM Studio

What business doesn’t want a platform that allows them to create engaging omnichannel product experiences and increase productivity? 

The Akeneo PXM Studio does just that. While collecting and centralising product information, Akeneo improves team collaboration opportunities and allows merchants to enrich their product information. Meaning, the customer will always find what they are looking for.

More great features include:

  • Multi-language product data
  • Onboard and manage product data from suppliers
  • Manage various channels in one centralised location
  • Distribute high-quality product information across all your touch points

Retailers should be proud of the products they sell, which is why you should back them up with thorough product information. The Akeneo PXM streamlines this process for you, so you can spend more time working on your strategy. 



Is email marketing dead or are you just not doing it right?

Email can be a really great way to keep in touch with your customers but we all know it can be a little frustrating when we see so many go unopened or not engaged with. This is where Dotdigital come in. 

As we mentioned above, 2022 is all about creating experiences that matter by utilising the best ecommerce tools available. If you want to stand out from the influx of emails customers receive on a daily basis, you need to start doing things differently. 

Dotdigial helps businesses develop deeper relationships with their customers in order to grow their business with the aid of cross-channel marketing solutions. That means combining the channels you have with data-driven personalisation to ensure your customers are locked in and engaged. You’ll have enriched customer insights that allow you develop your campaigns and connect the dots between engagement and marketing channels so you always know your next move.

Perhaps one of the best offerings from Dotdigital is their automation tools that increase team productivity by allowing you create entire lifecycle campaigns in one sitting. 

Read our Dotdigital Partner Profile.


Stripe Identity

Hacking and online fraud is becoming more of a problem. In the coming years, we’re going to see more of a push to bring in “Know Your Customer” (KYC) requirements to online merchants. While KYC originated with online banking, insurance and finance institutions, ecommerce businesses are taking it on board to help prevent fraud and increase consumer trust. 

Stripe Identity allows online businesses to confirm the identity of global users so they can prevent attacks from fraudsters, while also reducing friction for legitimate customers.

This ensures customers are protected, your business is protected and your reputation is protected. You’ll retain your credibility while making it easy for customers to verify their identity. 

There’s no point waiting around until something happens to put these procedures in place. Protect you and your customers now.



There’s a new kid in town. Superchat is a startup focusing on building an all-in-one messaging platform that allows businesses to contact their customers. The goal is to stop customers abandoning their carts or leaving a negative review because of a bad experience. They pull in conversations from WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Google Business, Telegram, web chat, email and SMS into a single inbox for the business. This provides businesses key insights into their customers and provides opportunities to improve brand and customer relationships. 

The startup has currently raised a total of $18.8 million so it looks like we’ll be seeing more of Superchat in the future.


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