27 April 2022

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BigCommerce Latest: Multi-Storefront is here!

BigCommerce Multi storefront

Last month, leading SaaS eCommerce platform, BigCommerce, announced the release of its new feature: Multi-Storefront. 

Multi-Storefront makes it easier for merchants to create and manage multiple storefronts within a single BigCommerce store. Powered by BigCommerce’s native stencil framework (or by a third-party headless front-end), all storefronts are accessible via the BigCommerce control panel, making day-to-day management seamless.

This new feature empowers eCommerce businesses to:

  • Drive geographical expansion – grow sales in new regions by creating localised storefronts. 
  • Deliver tailored shopping experiences – create unique storefronts for different customer segments to build brand loyalty.
  • Reduce costs – streamline operations with a single dashboard to manage and update product information.
  • Collect customer data from one unified source – make smarter business decisions by accessing all customer information in one place.

We’re entering a new era of eCommerce. We’re slowly coming out of the pandemic, the repercussions of Brexit are starting to show and the cost of living is increasing day by day. It might not seem like an ideal time to invest in your business, but we have seen that this industry continues to thrive. If you slow down now, you might not see it through. 

Many eCommerce businesses will be looking to find new ways to scale their business, Multi-Storefront provides them with a new and exciting opportunity to expand their offering.

If you would like more information on Multi-Storefront and/or are looking to replatform to BigCommerce, we can help. As BigCommerce partners for over a decade, we’ve got the expertise to deliver stores that are scalable and future-proof. Give us a call on 0121 369 5874 or email us at success@5874commerce.com.




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