18 August 2021

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Content Marketing Tips to Grow Conversions

Content Marketing Tips

We all know that content is king when it comes to growing your business. In a world full of likes and tags, reels and viral videos, businesses can’t just sit by and hope their website is enough. You need to produce content that converts.

What is Content Marketing?

Let’s start at the top.

Content encompasses everything your business puts out online to stimulate interest in your brand or business. The goal is to generate a customer base by creating valuable and relevant content that keeps them interested and pushes them to convert.

You might be thinking ‘sure, we already do that, we post photos of our products/talk about our services.’ Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but that isn’t content marketing. Content marketing isn’t a sales pitch. Content marketing is what people want to see. By providing your audience with content that is valuable to them, you build trust, loyalty and increase your engagement.

Types of Content Marketing

Content covers so many bases. You don’t have to do everything, focus on producing the right materials for your business.

  • Webpages
  • Podcasts
  • Social Media
  • Video
  • Photography
  • Blogs
  • Whitepapers
  • Infographics
  • Books/eBooks

Coming up with ideas is the hardest part.  Below are some examples of content you could create to engage your audience.

  • Meet the Team – people engage with people
  • An Instagram reel or TikTok showcasing your product in use
  • A day in the life of someone in your business – blog or video
  • ‘How to’ guides that are relevant to your audience – Instagram carousels and LinkedIn sliders are great for this
  • Your brand values
  • Charities/Causes you support

Depending on your offering, you can use these as a starting point for creating content that varies from the norm. They might not seem like they fit with your brand at first, but there are ways to build on them and create content that engages your target audience.

The key takeaway from this is the word valuable. Think about the content you like to see and are likely to interact with and apply that to your business.


Content Marketing That Converts

Let’s get down to business. Content marketing may not be the same as traditional methods of promoting your business, but the outcome is the same. You want users to engage with you enough so that they commit whatever action it is you wish them to take.

We’ve discussed what kinds of content can capture your audience’s attention but in a heavily saturated online environment, there are some simple things you can do to stand out.

It’s All in the Headline

According to HubSpot and Outbrain, headlines with numbers are 2x more likely to generate clicks than ‘How to’ headlines. That’s not to say that ‘How to’ guides don’t work, because they do, but think about how you phrase your title. People love a good statistic and numbers are a great way to drive traffic.


Break Your Text Down

Long-form content is generally more shareable. Those that take the time to read a 1000-1500 word post are more likely to recommend it to their followers. That being said, you need to make it easily digestible. Use headings, bullet points and short paragraphs to create some white space and allow readers to process what they’ve just read. Images are good too.


Power Words Drive Conversions

All content you produce should have some form of a CTA. In order for you to grow your conversions, you need to be persuasive. Power words help to trigger some sort of an emotional or psychological response that influences your customers to click. Power words can include: limited, extra, unbelievable, freebie, instant and guaranteed.


Don’t Forget the Human Element

Most of the decisions we make are driven by some emotional element. Content that connects on a human level with your customers is more likely to convert. We spend so much time online that we often forget there are people behind the screen. Compelling content usually tells a story. This could be a good opportunity to share more about your business, your brand values or tell the story of a customer’s journey with you.

Video Wins All

You don’t have to make a feature film to produce a video that converts. With TikTok and Instagram Reels now the go-to for viral videos, there are plenty of themes you can take inspiration from. We’re not saying you have to jump on every viral trend, as that may not work for your business, but video should definitely play a role in your content marketing strategy.

These content marketing tips should help you to grow your conversions. It’s not easy to produce valuable and engaging content but the results are worth it. If you need help with your content marketing, we have an expert team of content creators who can help you. Give the team a call on 0121 369 5874 or email success@5874commerce.com for more info.




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