18 September 2023

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Crafting The Ultimate B2B eCommerce Landscape

B2B eCommerce Tips

B2B often falls behind B2C, especially when it comes to eCommerce. Despite how fast businesses can grow with a B2B site, many still fall short of being able to keep up with technology and crafting the same seamless customer experience that is expected of B2C.


Shifting From Offline To Online

Moving B2B online is a necessary shift due to the advancements in technology and how popular eCommerce has become. Having a B2B site can allow your business to offer much more than other offline methods; you can share your full product catalogue and make your business more discoverable to new customers, evidently becoming a source of valuable revenue.


Choosing The Right eCommerce Platform

Finding the right eCommerce platform for your B2B site depends entirely on the needs of your business, however, there are some things to consider that are imperative to making sure your site delivers.

Know that B2B is different to B2C as you may need to adjust certain criteria depending on relationships with other businesses. For example, you might want to restrict/allow access to different parts of the site depending on the user or hide bulk pricing from B2C customers.

You will also need a unified order management system so that you can control and keep track of all the various parts that make up a B2B site, including fulfilment and customer management tools. This is particularly important with B2B and B2C as you will need to be able to keep track of inventory and user information on both sides. Choose an eCommerce platform that has the flexibility to work alongside the other integrations needed to help your business run smoothly.

User experience is also key here. Make businesses want to buy from your store and make sure it is easy enough for them to do so. A website with a poor user experience will leave customers feeling frustrated and likely to look elsewhere.

You will also need to think about how easy the back-end of your site is to use. You will want a platform with an interface that your team can utilise effectively so that they can make any simple, quick changes themselves.

Choosing a B2B Platform

BigCommerce’s B2B Edition allows businesses to modernise their website with the latest technologies that make selling business to business a seamless experience. With this innovative platform, companies can elevate their operations by providing customers with tailored shopping journeys, automating mundane administrative chores, effortlessly handling payment alternatives, generating quick and accurate quotes, implementing discounts, and offering a multitude of other cutting-edge features.

In an increasingly competitive landscape, where efficiency and customer satisfaction are paramount, BigCommerce emerges as the optimal choice for B2B enterprises aiming to expand their reach and optimise their back-end operations. By embracing this platform, businesses position themselves to not only meet but exceed the evolving expectations of their clients and partners, thus setting a new standard for streamlined and scalable B2B commerce.

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