25 April 2019

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Customising The Checkout on BigCommerce

Optimising your eCommerce store does not only consist of providing a great user experience on the product pages. Making sure that your user has good navigation on your checkout page is also important. This is the last interaction of a customer with your website on its shopping journey.

BigCommerce offers different ways of customising this progress with the BigCommerce one-page checkout.

The BigCommerce Checkout SDK launched in 2018 as a solution to the ‘one size fits all’ checkout experience. BigCommerce merchants are given further control over their desired eCommerce checkout experience, reducing checkout time and increasing business revenue.

BigCommerce is a leading eCommerce platform allowing merchants to build enhanced commerce experiences for their customers. The platform focuses on continually expanding developer documentation, API access, as well as SDK launches.


BigCommerce one page Checkout: What is BigCommerce checkout SDK?

So what exactly is BigCommerce Checkout SDK? Businesses no longer want ‘off-the-shelf’ when it comes to the one page checkout experience on their sites. With how fast technology is moving, it feels like choosing an out-of-the-box solution is lazy and the ‘easy way out’ when brands should be moving forward and going for a more customisable experience that suits their customers and the needs of the business.

BigCommerce Checkout SDK gives developers, partners and brands the flexibility to create the best checkout experience designed to streamline the process for customers.

The SDK provides JavaScript with the necessary steps for checkout including shipping quotes and customer login. This is then communicated through to the backend of BigCommerce.

It is also worth noting that the BigCommerce Checkout SDK is only supported within the BigCommerce One Page Checkout control panel setting.


Benefits of BigCommerce Checkout SDK

Focus on innovation

To be honest, the BigCommerce Checkout SDK is a developer’s dream. It handles the business components of tax collection and PCI compliance etc. so that developers can work on the front-end stuff like customising the checkout to create a shopper experience that is totally unique to your brand.
This provides developers with the opportunity to be creative and innovative, rather than focus on the headaches of business logic.
This level of customisation also comes into play with the flow of the checkout experience. With abandoned carts the bane of any brand’s existence, being able to adapt the UX of a checkout experience to suit your customers is far from the out-of-the-box checkout that comes with most eCommerce platforms. This will also help positively influence consumer perceptions of your brand and the likelihood of repeat purchases.

Automatic updates

You might be concerned when it comes to any updates and how these will affect a custom checkout, but as the customisations are built on top of the SDK, any new BigCommerce features or additional payment gateways are added directly to the checkout without interfering with your custom code.

This means your checkouts are constantly kept up-to-date.

Building a checkout

With the flexibility of the BigCommerce Checkout SDK, you can build pretty much anything you want to that will improve the way you do business.
You can completely change the face of the checkout experience, build the various payment options you need for B2B like invoicing and quote generation, and you can also integrate with various CRM software so that you can easily track and manage a customer’s order history. It’s a win all round!

Example of BigCommerce Customized one page Checkout

When working on the new Carluccio’s site, we knew we wanted to create a custom one page checkout experience using the BigCommerce SDK. We started by building a React version of the Custom Checkout that was a copy of the BigCommerce One Page Checkout.

The standard checkout was a complex build, but once it was complete, we were then able to really customise the checkout, making it into something that matched exactly what Carluccio’s were looking for.

Each stage of the build was broken down into sprints, which meant we could deliver the project on time and we had all bases covered. A few of the customisations included a custom gift messages integration, adding a gift box to the order, predicted delivery dates, DPD Ship to Shop, as well as a complete overhaul of the look and feel of the checkout so it matches the Carluccio’s brand.

It’s possible to get really creative with the BigCommerce Checkout SDK and develop an experience that is entirely unique to your business and brand.

We are an award winning BigCommerce Elite Partner and are experts in using and implementing the platform. For more information on developing a custom checkout with the BigCommerce Checkout SDK or any other BigCommerce features, contact us today.




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