11 May 2022

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Do I Really Need a Landing Page?


Picture this: a storefront, a pretty display that captures your customers’ attention. A couple of sale signs encourage them to walk inside while beautifully laid out products adorn the window. A landing page is essentially a digital equivalent of this experience.


What Is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a visually appealing web page that poses a single purpose to your eCommerce and marketing journey. Consumers usually fall on a landing page and often make a conversion that would benefit your eCommerce brand.


Landing Page Examples

There are different types of landing pages. Let’s dive into a few examples:

  • Lead generation landing pages typically offer items like an eBook, free trial, contest entry or webinar registration in return for the submission of contact information. 
  • Click-through landing pages are web pages that lead to another page such as your eCommerce site. 
  •  A squeeze page is where you take someone’s information or data and use it for marketing or eCommerce analytic insights.

Why Are Landing Pages Important?

With the right landing page, customers are directed to a specific goal for the campaign, such as a signup form, a content download or a subscription form. In simple terms, a call to action (CTA) is used. CTAs should be prominently displayed, easily accessible and tailored to particular customers.

According to WsiWorld, approximately 68% of B2B businesses use landing pages to generate leads for future conversions. By developing a landing page that matches the ultimate message of your campaign, you can boost conversion rates and attract traffic, which will eventually lead to many leads for your brand.


What Makes a Successful Landing Page?

The goal of a landing page is to convince potential customers that your website is worth their time. In return for their time, they will receive something that is worth their investment.

Skullcandy, a BigCommerce’s client, used this method whilst creating their landing page.They took a different approach to selling products. The company’s landing page content focused on raising mental health awareness, which initially caused the landing page campaign to be more customer-centric rather than sales-oriented.

Top Tips for Your Next Landing Page

Here are a few tips on making a landing page appealing to consumers. 

  • Make it visual. By adding an attractive colour scheme, photos and video to showcase the benefits of your product.  
  • Stick to one CTA. Having just one CTA leads to higher conversions and simplifies what the landing page is providing.
  • Incentivise conversions. Make it worthwhile for your leads to convert. Offer valuable content like an ebook, checklist, or whitepaper.
  • Limit your form fields. Make it easy for leads to fill out your form by only asking for things you 100% need.
  • Get on socials. Make your landing page conversion-friendly by using testimonials and user reviews. Users gain trust and credibility by learning other businesses and customers value your product. 


Having a carefully crafted landing page for your eCommerce platform or recent marketing campaign most certainly will boost conversions and generate more leads as you are satisfying your customers shopping needs. In eCommerce, your customers are essential to your success, so encouraging them to stay on your site and convert is a huge accomplishment.




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