19 December 2016

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Getting the most out of your creative agency

Keeping a good relationship between client and creative agency is fundamental to making sure the job gets done, and to the best standard. It’s often easy to forget certain elements of the working process when caught up in the rest of your business, but maintaining a strong partnership with your creative agency will ensure you’re both kept happy. Here at 5874, we’ve compiled a list of key points on how you can get the most out of your creative agency.

Take risks

It’s likely your agency has worked across a variety of projects for multiple different industries and therefore picked up on specific strategies that will work best depending on the type of business you work in. However, it’s obvious that new, fresh ideas are what keep the job interesting, and often looking outside your industry can bring new inspiration. As a client it’s important to trust your agency to use their experience to build the most effective strategy for your business, and as an agency, you should be willing to pitch a few more non-traditional ideas so that you can explore all options. Agree on a brief, but be willing to deter from the more conservative route, and you might end up with a completely original idea.

Trust your creative team

Similar to taking risks, you have to put trust in your creative agency to do their job. They have experience and the knowledge to get the task at hand done, so it’s important to give them a little freedom to actually be creative. Don’t micromanage, but also don’t be too laid back. It’s vital to offer feedback and work alongside each other, but there’s a reason you have hired an agency in the first place, so give them a little space and you’ll be both feel much more relaxed.

Communicate and collaborate

This one is for both client and agency. As an agency, it’s important to ask questions to make sure you know if you’re heading in the right direction, but remember, you’re not seeking out compliments, you’re simply assessing where you’re at and if you’re on the same wavelength was the client. As a business, it’s essential to remember that you’re working in a partnership with your agency. Simple, yet informative, communication is key to making sure you can get the most out of your creative team. Don’t forget to acknowledge a good job so that they know they’re on the right path, but also keep in mind that some ways are better than others to communicate. Everyone has had instances, where something said in email, has been taken in the wrong context because of a lack of tone.

Set realistic goals/expectations

Possibly the worst thing you can do as a business is set your agency unrealistic goals they’re unlikely to achieve.  It’s vital that you set clear, measurable objectives so that you can see if you and them are on the right track. Decide what you want most, cheap labour might mean you have to sacrifice quality or speed.

Never forget your audience

A critical aspect of digital strategy is knowing your audience. Your audience is what should drive the focus of your business, and therefore you should always remember to keep them in mind with whatever decisions you make. Working in partnership with your creative agency will produce the best results for your audience. Make sure that you as a business thoroughly understand who you are targeting, and then be clear in conveying this to your agency so that they can produce work that matches your audience.

Following these techniques will ensure that you get the most out of the creative team you are working with, but it’s always essential to keep in mind exactly why you chose them in the first place.  Ultimately, it’s about making sure you choose an agency who will work well with you and meet your needs as a business.

At 5874 Commerce we make sure our clients are our priority. If you’re looking for a creative agency to help with your business, get in contact with us.




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