27 March 2023

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How To Protect Your Online Store



Worried about your eCommerce store getting hacked? It’s no secret that digital fraud happens every day. It is your responsibility to prevent it from happening to your eCommerce store. Increasing web traffic makes eCommerce security vital in the development and maintenance of online stores. As the rise and competition of focusing on gaining customer attention for a higher online presence, hackers are hunting for these victims in hopes they can target and attack these websites.


We’re here to help you protect your eCommerce business. Read on to see what steps you can take.


Protect Your Online Store


Regular security measures do not work on an eCommerce site as there are so many other ways that are essential for its security. To know what yours are, it’s important to identify which bit of your site needs special attention. Facing security measures will save you a lot of headaches in the future. Be sure to follow these steps for maximum security.


Keep Platforms and Software Up to Date


Ensuring that your eCommerce store is running on the latest version of your operating system prevents fraud and allows you to be less vulnerable to threats. 


We ensure our clients are up to date with BigCommerce’s integrations by keeping tabs on what the latest updates are and providing our clients with the latest BigCommerce solutions. Furthermore, BigCommerce provides automatic security patches to ensure that any potential security breaches are resolved swiftly.


Reliable Web Hosting Services


Web hosting services and certain platforms, such as BigCommerce, have automatic updates and backup facilities. You must confirm that the web hosts offer great security and are fully equipped to satisfy all of your needs. It should have the highest uptime possible and run continuously. It’s essential to gain a plan that provides you with total control over your server, by having a reliable web hosting service you can protect your website from any malicious attacks.


SSL Certificates


When making purchases online, SSL certificates ensure that user data is kept secure. A digital certificate called SSL creates a safe connection between users and servers. Each website that collects private user data, such as credit card information or medical history, is required to do this. All sensitive information will be sent across the network in encrypted form thanks to this certificate.


Two Factor Authentication


To increase security, two-factor authentication can be put into place. This is a way of adding layers on top of the security process to maintain extra security for consumers. This makes it more difficult for hackers to access sensitive information and protects user credentials from being compromised.


For example, asking for a password and authentication via mobile to open an app is a way to ensure only consumers access the resources that the user is approved for.


Testing Your Ecommerce Site 


Testing your eCommerce store is a great way to defend yourself against malicious activity, this can be done by doing the following:


  • Frequent Scanning: Verify that identity thieves and hackers have not added malware into adverts, images, or other content provided by third parties by regularly scanning your website (including testing links).


  • Apps for security- Look into online application scanning technologies that can help detect vulnerabilities, such as cross-site scripting (XSS) and bugs in residual source code that could compromise the security of sensitive information.
  • Try using penetration testing to find code vulnerabilities. 


Here Are an extra few tips to help you secure your eCommerce store.


  • Create a backup of your data 
  • Update security tools and plugins regularly
  • Avoid storing sensitive information


How BigCommerce Ensure Security For Your Online Store

BigCommerce is a safe-hosted eCommerce platform that has hardware firewalls, three redundant network designs, and hacker-deterrent security provisions. Customers can install Sift Science, the security provider used by Airbnb, Uber, and Wayfair, for added security.


Also, BigCommerce’s payment processor can assist you with PCI compliance, or even handle it entirely. PCI compliance is incorporated into several payment processors’ solutions, like PayPal and BigCommerce, which are available to companies of all sizes.


BigCommerce can integrate the utmost security and has done so with previous clients of ours in the past. 

As BigCommerce partners we are proud to utilise BigCommerces features such as the security and safety checkout and payment systems to make merchants satisfied. 


BigCommerce also uses platforms such as Rewind.io, which are our trusted partners. Rewind is a powerful backup solution built to give BigCommerce merchants the security they need to focus on growing their business — not recovering lost data.


The goal is simple: to increase the amount of confidence and trust that users have in your website. There is no doubt that your online store is ready to fight off intruders if you implement all of the above strategies for protecting it. Also, since every brand’s online store is unique, it’s critical to recognise the security precautions that your company requires the most. All of the eCommerce stores owned by 5874’s clients are safe and secure. Contact us to learn more!




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