28 June 2023

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Is a Headless Commerce Architecture Right For My Business?

headless commerce

Online merchants are increasingly realising the need to constantly be adaptable and ready to respond to shifting consumer demand. Utilising headless commerce is one strategy that can assist businesses in maintaining flexibility.

It’s amazing to see how eCommerce is always evolving! Want to know if headless commerce architecture is right for your business? Here’s your chance to learn more.


What is Headless Commerce?


Headless commerce is the decoupling of the front-end from the back-end of the eCommerce platform. This allows for the storage, management, and delivery of content without a front-end delivery layer.


A more traditional commerce solution can present issues when it comes to design and process. Changes require significantly more time including editing the database, code, and front-end platform.


Headless commerce allows online retailers to eliminate these constraints of a more traditional commerce platform setup. By separating the front-end from the back-end, front-end developers can focus on creating user experiences that can perfectly match the objectives of your organisation.


Benefits of Headless eCommerce


Here are some details about the benefits of headless eCommerce.


  1. Quick and easy front-end changes – Changes can easily be made to the front-end without affecting the back-end. The process is therefore much simpler and often does not need a developer to complete the work.
  2. Flexibility with customisation – There is much more flexibility in terms of the design and user experience functionalities in a headless commerce environment.
  3. Faster and easier integrations – A headless commerce approach means integrations are driven by API, making them much speedier. CMS, CRM and ERPs are among the platforms that can quickly be integrated into any headless commerce platform setup
  4. Implementation of headless commerce architecture can even lead to a gain in competitive advantage, creating unique experiences for your consumers and ultimately building consumer loyalty.


Choosing Headless Commerce


It’s up to you to choose! Optimal storefront design and headless commerce support are essential to achieving your online store’s goals.


Headless Commerce Architecture Types


The following three categories are used to group headless commerce architecture:


  1. API-Driven eCommerce Platforms
  2. Ecommerce platforms that are API- Driven CMS
  3. Ecommerce platforms based on Microservices


Here are just a few steps towards achieving eCommerce success through headless commerce.

Step 1: Why Not Give It A Try?


Ask your friendly neighbourhood eCommerce agency (that’s us) to build a small portion of your website on a headless platform like BigCommerce and see how it goes…

If you are happy with the results, you should think about switching your entire website to a headless platform. You’re in luck—we know exactly the platform and migration process you need. Check out this whitepaper to learn how. 


We are aware that choosing the best headless commerce architecture platform for your eCommerce site may prove to be a challenging option. But don’t worry! You can rely on us to provide precise guidance.


Step 2: Reap the Benefits


Consider the benefits and what to look out for that headless commerce can provide for your company. Since you’re here, why don’t we let you in on a few of them? 


  • Capacity for personalisation – The platform should give you the ability to scale your site and provide a personalised shopping experience for your customers.


  • API Integration – Several solutions, including CRM, an inventory planner, and other tools, may be used in your eCommerce business. We can provide these links by utilising our partners. For example, our long-term partner Brightpearl can create an inventory planner for your site.


  • Offer content and design – Our team can handle this for you since we’ll provide the frameworks and designs you need. Fun fact: At the BigCommerce EMEA Partner Awards 2021, the User Experience and Design Award was given to us, for our work with our clients Peter Christian.


Step 3: Contact Us

The team at 5874 Commerce is highly experienced in setting up clients with headless commerce. Carluccio’s came to 5874 Commerce looking for a “headless, business-centric integration for a seamless user experience”.

In order to build a site that was a content-led eCommerce platform with full CMS control, 5874 Commerce relaunched their website on WordPress with eCommerce powered by BigCommerce. A highly successful project resulting in a customer-oriented site that focuses on creating a smooth user experience.

For more information on headless commerce or help with your next eCommerce project, contact us here. Don’t be a follower of tradition, be a leader.




Give us a buzz or drop us a line. Let’s work together.