11 February 2021

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How To Win On LinkedIn

LinkedIn For Business

How to use LinkedIn for Business? 

Professional social networking platform, LinkedIn, is used by 722+ million members in over 200 countries.

LinkedIn attracts a large business audience, including small to large business owners, entrepreneurs, and corporate executives.

The platform is mainly used for professional networking, and allows job seekers to post their CVs and employers to post jobs.

However, the trusted platform provides more opportunities for eCommerce merchants and small business owners than just hiring. It is a business focussed platform, allowing merchants to expand their reach, market their business, share their journey and network with others.

How to win on LinkedIn

Using LinkedIn For eCommerce Business  

A dedicated LinkedIn company page can help eCommerce businesses boost their brand, increase visibility, reach potential shoppers, and network with other professionals.

Here are 3 key reasons as to why eCommerce businesses should be on LinkedIn:

1.An alternative way to appear in search engines 

A crucial element in any eCommerce marketing strategy is gaining exposure. After all, what’s the point in running an online business if no one knows about it?

Retailers need to take every opportunity to grab customer attention.

Increased exposure is one of the top reasons to use LinkedIn for eCommerce business. eCommerce businesses that set up a LinkedIn channel automatically increase their chances of appearing in search engine results. 

LinkedIn profiles are ranked highly by search engines, therefore by setting up a profile, a business can gain extra exposure and a better online presence.

2. LinkedIn advertising – target people interested

Marketing on LinkedIn can be extremely powerful and is another reason to use LinkedIn for eCommerce business.

Many businesses appreciate how social media helps in marketing, however LinkedIn is a social platform that is often overlooked.

The platform can help businesses to engage with a community of professionals to drive various actions which are relevant to eCommerce business goals.

For example, LinkedIn advertising can be a great solution to increasing brand awareness or driving lead generation.

Potential customers can be targeted based on their interests and profile information. A variety of ads are available to choose from, including video, single image and carousel ads.

3. Using LinkedIn for business networking

eCommerce businesses can use LinkedIn for business networking.

By posting through the LinkedIn channel, eCommerce businesses can reach out and engage with potential future customers, as well as other similar businesses, wholesalers, and vendors.

It is therefore a great networking opportunity and a positive addition to an eCommerce marketing strategy. Retailers can take full advantage of being able to communicate with other sellers and business experts, asking questions and seeking advice using LinkedIn forums.

For instance, LinkedIn features such as InMail, polls and surveys can be used by eCommerce businesses to help to spark conversation and point people in the direction of their page and services.

With LinkedIn being a business-focused platform, content posted usually relates to industry and business related topics/trends.

This provides an opportunity for eCommerce merchants to have their say on particular topics and share these with their followers, sparking conversation and further engagement.

How to use LinkedIn for eCommerce business

Optimising LinkedIn Business Profile 

Another element that all eCommerce businesses on LinkedIn need to be aware of is ensuring their business profile is fully optimised.

Content needs to be kept relevant and up to date to ensure customers are viewing the very latest content from the eCommerce business.

Some top tips include:

  • High resolution images for logo and header
  • Up to date description and tagline
  • High quality imagery used throughout content
  • Link LinkedIn profile to business website and other social media accounts

Are you a retailer looking to begin your LinkedIn journey? Already using LinkedIn but keen to explore the use of LinkedIn Advertising? Our digital marketing team are certified LinkedIn Advertisers and are ready to take your marketing to the next level.

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