08 April 2021

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Partner Profile: Linnworks

Linnworks Partner

Linnworks: How Does It Work?

Linnworks is a cloud-based software giving eCommerce businesses a chance to connect and automate all of their selling processes on one platform. The platform allows businesses to automate key processes such as stock level and order management.

By managing multiple channels within one central location, eCommerce businesses are able to have more time and freedom to work on other areas of the business, such as growth and strategy.

Working with companies such as Google, Facebook and eBay, Linnworks empowers businesses to make smarter decisions and reach their customers wherever they are.

What are the benefits of using Linnworks?

We have summarised below some of the top features of Linnworks and how it can help to streamline business strategy and create success stories.

Multi-Channel Integration

Linnworks allows eCommerce businesses to connect a large number of channels through the use of their open API. This includes eCommerce platforms, major carriers and third party fulfillment systems.

Linnworks works alongside growing businesses and can onboard any new integrations as new channels are required to reach customers in new areas.

Inventory Management

eCommerce businesses are given an opportunity to increase their productivity and profitability by receiving automatic updates on inventory levels across their channels. This gets rid of the need to manually check on inventory levels, saving time as well as reducing the risk of overselling.

Having an accurate stock count can help businesses stay on top of stock levels, reducing chance of stockouts and over stocking. It also makes predicting stock demand a much simpler and quicker process.

Shipping Management

Linnworks ensures eCommerce businesses offer their customers a best-in-class delivery service. By applying specific shipping rules, different orders can be allocated to different carriers depending on location for example. This saves time by reducing manual work, and provides a much more streamlined process.


Linnworks allows businesses to have a full view over their business performance.

Obtaining a full holistic view of all order and inventory data, businesses can easily see which areas of the business are working well, and which perhaps need extra work.

Linnworks includes a real time dashboard feature allowing staff to see a live summary of sales, revenue, stock value etc.

Linnworks Training

Every Linnworks user has access to in-depth and insightful Linnworks training courses. Experts are on hand to help users of all different levels, to ensure they can get the most out of the platform.

5874 Commerce: Linnworks Partner

Linnworks is a top class platform which excels eCommerce business growth adding value to the customer journey helping to drive sales revenue. Used and trusted by a range of large-scale businesses, Linnworks can integrate seamlessly into a wide range of eCommerce platforms.

As a Linnworks partner, 5874 have seen first-hand evidence of the platform transforming businesses and are very experienced with getting businesses on board with Linnworks.  If you think Linnworks is the right fit for your eCommerce business, give us a call on 0121 369 5874 or email success@5874commerce.com for more information.




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