27 August 2020

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Partner Profile: Searchspring 


Searchspring is an advanced search and merchandising tool used by merchants to improve online customer experience and drive revenue. The platform enables merchants to provide customers with a more user-friendly search and a personalised experience, as well as giving merchant teams access to a range of analytics tools to help them achieve their business goals more quickly and efficiently.

Why choose Searchspring?

SearchSpring is all about matching customers with better results and in turn, bringing better results for businesses. Below we have listed a few Searchspring’s main features which help the merchants to achieve this and therefore boost sales:

Intelligent Search – Instant and intelligent search mechanisms used by Searchspring can transform your online store for the better, with customers accurately locating their desired products quicker than ever before. Help users complete their search terms with Searchspring’s autocomplete feature, helping to carry them through the purchase journey by closing in potential gaps they may face along the way.

Reporting and Analytics – Searchspring includes in-depth reporting functionalities that allow merchants to pull through a selection of reports to analyse user behaviour and site performance. The various reports offer a chance for businesses to easily jump into data sets which can allow merchants to seek out opportunities for growth and also discover actions required to improve their site.

Visual Merchandising – The drag and drop editor feature on Searchspring allows merchants to easily reorganise the visual layout of their eCommerce site and have more control over the visual display of products. Businesses can, therefore, choose to arrange products based on criteria of their choice, such as bestsellers, aesthetic features, or perhaps grouping similar items.

Filtering and Faceting Options – If a shopper can not find what they are looking for then let’s face it, they are not going to buy it. Complex filtering and faceting features offered by Searchspring assists your customers in quickly and easily locating their relevant products without getting lost en-route or scrolling through many pages of irrelevant content.

Seamless Integration – Searchspring can easily and seamlessly integrate with eCommerce platforms such as Bigcommerce. The tool becomes visually part of the site allowing for the existing site to be undisturbed and remain the same structurally.

Choosing a Searchspring Partner

Searchspring focuses on analysing your site content and offering ways to ensure your site is set up in a way that gets shoppers to their desired products both smoothly and quickly. This simplifies the business process for merchants and helps drive those all-important conversion rates.

5874 are experienced Searchspring partners and can help integrate the software into your current system. Give us a call on 0121 369 5874 or email success@5874.co.uk for more information




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