30 October 2020

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Partner Profile – ShipperHQ

Shipper HQ Partner Profile


ShipperHQ’s Shipping Rate Management platform helps eCommerce merchants build a customized pre-purchase shipping strategy and take control of the checkout experience on their website. With their advanced features, you can improve your shipping margins, show transparent delivery details, automate your shipping processes and give your customers the freedom to pick a delivery option that fits their budget and schedule.


Why choose ShipperHQ?

Shipping Rules – Create a shipping strategy that aligns with your business requirements and goals. Set up rules, restrictions, discounts and surcharges based on product type, customer location, cart quantity and more before rates and delivery options appear at checkout.

Dimensional Packing –  Receive accurate shipping rates by automating dimensional weight calculations and package selection. Plus, define packing rules and whether items can be combined or shipped separately to improve your shipping margins further.

Delivery Date & Time – Be more transparent about your shipping by telling customers exactly when their package will arrive. Show accurate delivery dates at checkout that consider operational factors like blackout dates, lead times and production cut-off times.

LTL Freight – Boost efficiency by no longer having your team call around for LTL freight quotes for bulky, heavy, or unusually sized items. Instead, display live LTL Freight rates directly at checkout and offer more clarity around all shipping costs by breaking down associated accessorial fees.


Multi-Origin Shipping – Manage rates from multiple shipping locations such as warehouses and dropship vendors. Fulfill orders out of the closest or fewest number of fulfillment locations to a customer. Plus, set up origin-based shipping rules.

In-Store Pickup – Provide more security by offering a convenient in-store pickup option at checkout. Give customers located within a certain radius of your store the option to pick up their goods in person, including through alternative pickup services.


Choosing ShipperHQ as Your Partner

For over a decade, ShipperHQ has helped tens of thousands of merchants increase their conversions and customer satisfaction by configuring a competitive pre-purchase shipping strategy that’s uniquely tailored to their business.

ShipperHQ integrates seamlessly into a wide range of eCommerce platforms. As eCommerce specialists, 5874 Commerce are experienced ShipperHQ partners and can get you set up using the tool. Give us a call on 0121 369 5874 or email success@5874commerce.com for more information.




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