02 August 2017

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Should You Be Using The BigCommerce Channel Manager For Multichannel Management?

Multichannel eCommerce is the way forward. Being able to sell to and target more potential customers through various sales channels will inevitably improve your sales growth and your brand awareness. Of course, having multiple sale channels where you sell your products could potentially leave you feeling disorganised and unsure of any sales growth – that’s where the BigCommerce Channel Manager comes in.

The Bigcommerce Channel Manager lets you connect to sales channels like eBay, Amazon, Facebook and Pinterest through their easy-to-follow setup process.


Why Multichannel Ecommerce?

Want to reach more customers and grow your sales? Of course you do, which is why you should be thinking about selling your products via multiple sales channels.

Facebook has nearly 2 billion monthly active users worldwide, while Pinterest has nearly 100 million monthly active users, which is an incredible reach that could lead to millions of sales. Selling through these various sales channels makes it easier for these potential customers who browse social media in their downtime, to see your products and make purchases in a quick and easy fashion.


Easy Way Of Testing New Sales Channels

The BigCommerce Channel Manager makes it easy for you to make these new integrations and also keep on track of your sales growth.  With built-in export and inventory syncing, the Channel Manager makes multichannel selling easier than ever. Taking the information stored in your BigCommerce catalog, you won’t have to waste time listing products manually, and it gives you the option to test new sales channels without risk or difficulty.


Constantly Adding New Integrations

Always one step ahead, BigCommerce is constantly adding new integrations – all of these are conducted behind the scenes, as not to disrupt your or your customer’s experience.

BigCommerce will soon be one of the first platforms to integrate with Instagram. You will soon be able to tag products in your Instagram posts by connecting your catalog to the platform, potentially reaching 600 million of Instagram’s active users.


Manage all of your sales channels in one place with the BigCommerce Channel Manager – because multichannel eCommerce has never been this easy.

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