03 October 2020

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Techies Day! 5 Technology trends that will impact eCommerce

Monitoring eCommerce trends should be included in the checklist of every marketer. New technologies are constantly developing and paying attention to them is key to being able to create strategies that will put your brand ahead of the competition.

But what are the 5 technology trends that will impact eCommerce in 2020? Keep reading our post and find out the trends that you should be implementing now across your eCommerce store.

5 Technology trends that will mark eCommerce in 2020

Smart speakers in eCommerce

Not only for eCommerce but for every website optimisation, one of the most important technologies and trends to monitor closely is voice search. According to Google, 20% of all searches are done by voice search and the forecast is that these will increase in the next few years.

Not only that, at the end of 2019 the number of households with a smart speaker in the UK reached 20%, and 52% of them were doing these voice search queries from their living room. This is important as it can be related to the type of products that they will be more likely to search, which intention will differ from the users using these devices from their bedrooms.

How will voice search impact in eCommerce? Well, users are not going to only see a brand online but interact with it. A user searching for something by voice is expecting the results quicker than when using a browser online. That element plays a key role in the optimisation process. It is important to be able to anticipate the users’ needs and answer them as straightforward as possible to be able to gain visibility against your competitors.

PWA as one of the technologies to follow

What are PWAs? Progressive web apps have been around for a while. Brands like Twitter and Netflix have already implemented these pages. A PWA consists of a combination of the characteristics of a website and an app, creating better experiences for the user as they feel and act like an app. The positive points on this kind of technology are that it eliminates the process of a user having to download and install the app but finding your website and immediately interacting with it, making the overall user journey more engaging.

In 2020 eCommerce brands are starting to take advantage of this technology, with websites like Alibaba or Aliexpress already taking advantage of PWA.

Headless Commerce

Headless commerce is becoming a popular trend among online stores. It consists of the separation of front and back end of the eCommerce business.

The advantages of this technology are updates on the website simplified as well as the possibility of making changes to the front end quicker, so you can spend more time optimising the store.

Carluccio’s wanted a blend of content-rich web design with a fully customisable front-end as well as a robust back-end solution with the ability to book tables, browse menus, and deliver products.

Check out our case study with Carluccio’s for more information https://5874commerce.com/projects/carluccios/

Engage with your customers using chatbots

If your eCommerce store is not using chatbots, this definitely one of the technologies for eCommerce that you should be considering in 2020.

A chatbot is a program that emulates human conversation when contacted by an online user. They have become a very popular and useful tool during recent years. Not only it is a way of engaging with your customers but it can cut your operational costs by up to 30%.

Chatbots can be implemented in an eCommerce website, Facebook Messenger, and other messenger apps. This is also important because the use of messenger apps has already surpassed the use of social media networks, which has also seen an increase during the coronavirus pandemic.


Chatbots eCommerce in 2020


Chatbot with artificial intelligence technology (AI) internet virtual assistant on smartphone screen, online customer support website or social media network, information about products or services

Approximately 40% of customers prefer to use chatbots when making a purchase online. This shows the importance of having this technology implemented on your site.

The new era of social eCommerce

Instagram has recently included the checkout option in the platform, reducing the number of steps necessary for the user to purchase a product.

This new feature appears in the user’s feed, with the option of them tapping the product and going immediately to the checkout process, where the user will be able to choose variants such as size or colour before purchasing the product.

This new technology is also a great way of establishing long time relationships with the user, as it stores the purchase information for the next time the customer wants to buy a product from this site, saving unnecessary clicks and making a better user experience overall.

eCommerce technology is constantly evolving

New eCommerce technologies are constantly being developed and it is important for your business to closely follow them. Trends such as dynamic pricing are getting more and more popular in 2020 and it is necessary to adapt to them in order to continue to be a relevant competitor within your industry.

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