14 November 2019

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The Extensibility of BigCommerce

As BigCommerce partners, we are often asked what makes the platform a better choice over other offerings, and while there are plenty of reasons we recommend BigCommerce to retail businesses, a big one is down to its extensibility.

In these circumstances, extensibility means that the BigCommerce platform is able to stretch beyond typical out-of-the-box solutions. The API is incredibly flexible, meaning developers and BigCommerce partners are able to adapt the platform to suit the needs of individual businesses. BigCommerce provides online retailers with the security and convenience of a closed platform combined with the freedom and flexibility of an open one. 

BigCommece aims to serve eCommerce businesses with the means to extend beyond the limitations of traditional platforms. APIs provide access to 90% of platform data, meaning developers can make tweaks, integrate third-party services and adapt key components such as the checkout, in order to mould the platform into exactly what an individual business needs. It can be entirely unique.

Don’t worry, if you’re not interested in fancy customisation, the platform in its original state is designed so that a fully-functioning, secure and stable online store can be set up in minutes. 


Who Does This Benefit?


As we mentioned above, every BigCommerce store instantly comes loaded with a set of features that can help you build a beautiful online store. This can be extremely useful if you’re setting up your first online shop or you don’t need customisation outside of the base theme.

Then there are enterprise businesses, where the open API can really come into play. 

Enterprise eCommerce businesses will already have set methods and a fairly loaded tech stack that would be difficult to shift. They might want to change one or two things, but chances are, they’ve grown accustomed to the tools they are currently using. Being a larger business also comes with a higher number of staff which means training on a new system can be very time-consuming and ultimately lead to bigger problems.This is where a flexible API can do wonders. 

BigCommerce allows enterprise businesses to keep their existing tools but integrate them with the platform. To put it simply, they open a door where many other legacy platforms would have it bolted shut. 

Fully-customisable themes with built-in HTML CSS and JavaScript mean that you can have the freedom to create an online store that fully represents your brand. You’ll also get a platform that is easy to manage in the backend so there are no issues when it comes to bringing every member of your team up to scratch. 

Yet, probably the most important factor when it comes to growing your business, is that BigCommerce is scalable. The extensibility of the platform means you’ll be able to adapt to new technologies and changes in consumer behaviour. You won’t get left behind.


Digital Transformation

We spoke in detail recently all about digital transformation and what that means for your business and for your growth. Choosing a platform that will allow you to move forward with any UX changes, additional integrations and that has the ability to extend beyond a basic store theme into something entirely unique to your business, is the first step you must take in your transformation journey. 


For more information on re-platforming to BigCommerce, as an Elite partner, we have extensive experience in moving brands over to the platform. Don’t believe us? Check out some of our recent BigCommerce projects. In the meantime, if you have any questions contact us here.




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