19 September 2023

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The Perishables Predicament: Unveiling ShipperHQ’s Perishable Shipping Solutions

Shipping perishable items with ShipperHQ

In the fast-paced world of ecommerce, where customer expectations are soaring, delivering a seamless shopping experience has become paramount. For businesses dealing with perishable goods, the challenges intensify. Enter ShipperHQ, the game-changing pre-shipping solution that’s transforming the way perishables are delivered. 

Why Choose ShipperHQ?

From fresh produce to delicate floral arrangements, perishable goods demand a level of care that goes beyond the ordinary. Ensuring they reach customers in pristine condition requires precision at every step of the shipping process. Here’s where ShipperHQ steps in, armed with solutions that address the complexities of perishable shipping before your item is even boxed to deliver.

Customisable Delivery Dates & Customer Control

One-size-fits-all delivery schedules won’t cut it for perishable items. Customers often expect fast and free shipping and want to know exactly when their order will arrive – you shouldn’t mess with a hungry customer! 

ShipperHQ empowers businesses to provide customers with customisable delivery date options during the checkout process. Businesses are able to implement a calendar at checkout with date and time selectors and can even blackout certain dates for holidays and closures. There’s also the option to display pickup locations or limit these based on a maximum distance radius from the pickup location. This level of flexibility ensures that customers can receive or collect their perishable items precisely when they’re needed, minimising the risk of spoilage.

On top of this, ShipperHQ allows merchants to display expedited shipping and free delivery on select products and destinations, as well as setting a maximum time in transit. Businesses can profit off of enabling customers to have true convenience and control over their orders. 


Advanced Packaging Considerations

Perishable goods demand specialised packaging to maintain their freshness. ShipperHQ’s solutions take packaging requirements into account, offering accurate rates based on packaging dimensions, weight, and materials. Merchants will have the option to control packing rules, boxes and box settings to account for any additional weight, such as with the addition of ice packs and insulation. Rates will consider the dimensional weight of packed shipments and not just what’s in the cart. Packing rules can also be added to ensure perishables and non-perishable items are packed separately.

This attention to detail ensures that shipping costs accurately reflect the unique demands of perishable items.


Real-World Operations & Shipping Rates

ShipperHQ enables businesses to specify shipping conditions, methods and warehouse locations at a product level, meaning customers will receive the most convenient and cheapest rates at checkout. The platform will assess the most efficient locations and even ship from multiple locations, keeping products fresh for longer while sharing one low rate. 

By matching your online checkout to your real-world operations, you’ll be keeping consistent across your sales channels and enhancing the customer experience.


Customer-Centric Success Stories

ShipperHQ’s perishable shipping solutions have been a game-changer for businesses across various industries. 

As ecommerce continues its rapid evolution, businesses must adapt to meet the demands of various industries and product types. ShipperHQ’s perishable shipping solutions stand as a testament to innovation driven by a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by businesses dealing with perishable goods. With customisable options and a commitment to preserving product integrity, ShipperHQ is paving the way for a future where perishable shipping is as seamless as it is secure.


As a ShipperHQ partner, we can help you elevate your perishable shipping game.  Get in touch and embrace the future of ecommerce – where innovation meets preservation.




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