20 December 2022

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The Women’s Domain – Our 2022 Rundown

the womens domain 2022 rundown

Nine months ago we decided to do something a bit different and launch a campaign that was more heart than head. The Women’s Domain, launched on International Women’s Day 2022, was focused on helping us uncover the challenges women are facing in our industry. We wanted to amplify the voices not usually heard and build a greater understanding of how we as a business, and as individuals, can make a positive difference in the industry we love. 

Over the past few months, we have spoken to incredible women about motherhood, imposter syndrome, women’s health, representation, leadership and more. 

As we speak to more people, we realise that we’re only at the beginning of building a very important community.

So here’s a round-up of what the campaign has achieved this year and some of our favourite highlights. Thank you to everyone who has supported us in some way and we hope you’re as excited as we are for what The Women’s Domain achieves in 2023. 

Hot Topics

I know there’s an argument to not dwell on our challenges, some might say we should rise above and focus on overcoming any obstacles in our way. The trouble with that theory though, is there are challenges, specifically faced by women that prevent, delay or discourage us, as women, from achieving our career goals. This is why we’ve delved into issues such as flexible working and women’s health – issues that when given a level of attention in the workplace make the environment 1000 times more inclusive for the women working in it. 



There have been four episodes released of The Women’s Domain podcast so far and we’ve been able to sit down and discuss issues such as the juggle of parenthood with our partners from dotdigital, the importance of being you with Meghan Stabler from BigCommerce plus much more. A personal favourite was sitting down with Rita Harnett from Wavemaker Global to chat about the importance of being brave and recognising those signs of imposter syndrome. Find all our podcast episodes here.



When we talk about some of the challenges women face in the workplace, particularly matters such as overt or even covert misogyny and sexism, we need our male allies to speak up and fight alongside us.

It’s important to us that we include men in the conversation and that they understand the role they have to play in the fight for true diversity, inclusion and equality.

This is why we’re grateful for the support we’ve been shown by male leaders in the eCommerce industry who have not just supported the “idea” of The Women’s Domain but who have proactively encouraged the campaign.



We’ve hosted two fabulous in-person events, the most recent of which was held in October. Our aim was to build within our network of strong working women in eCommerce, understand why female rivalry exists and how we can support each other to reach our career goals.

With wine flowing, incredible food and the stunning backdrop of London’s Tower Bridge, we had an absolute blast and covered a vast range of topics! From the childcare juggle to mentorship – everyone shared their individual experiences with zero judgement.


From the moment we launched the campaign so many of our partners raised their hands and asked to get involved. The eCommerce ecosystem is a powerful one, made up of incredible women who understand their value to this industry we love. It’s been amazing to have the support of BigCommerce as our main campaign sponsor and the support from our partners Adyen and Akeneo too. 


What’s Next

As we enter 2023 and we arrive at the one-year anniversary of the campaign, we’ll be able to truly reflect and pull together the key learnings and the biggest takeaways. We’ll carry on building our awesome community of women which you can join by signing up for our newsletter here. Most importantly we’ll know what steps to take to do and be better.




Give us a buzz or drop us a line. Let’s work together.