29 June 2022

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Turn Browsing Into Buying with a PIM Tool


PIM also known as Product Information Management is the process of managing all the information required to market and sell products through your distribution channels. PIM tools make the product information management process fast, efficient, and productive.

With a PIM, everyone involved can collaborate to get products ready for sale, on time and within budget.

Here’s the process of how a PIM generally works:

  • Collect data from a system such as ERP.
  • Import data via CSV and XLSX files for pre-built connectors.
  • Onboard products data directly from suppliers in your format.
  • Connect to digital asset management systems for images, videos and documents.


Streamlining Product Management with Akeneo


If you have never heard of Akeneo, here is your chance to become an expert.


They have an open source PIM solution that helps businesses improve their productivity by supplying their teams with the most reliable and efficient platform to maintain consistent, high quality and accurate product information.


Akeneo delivers impactful product experiences across all of your sales, marketing and customer support channels. Check out more ways you can build product experiences and unlock growth opportunities with Akeneo:


Tight Time-To-Market

PIM helps foster collaboration across your teams by tracking product data completeness to ensure no incomplete data makes it to your sales channel.


Conversion rates 

Akeneo customers have reported increases in conversion rates of up to 400% — and when paired with the reduced returns mentioned above, this can have a real impact on your bottom line.


Reductions in Returns

PIM starts with making things right. With Akeneo PIM, you can make sure that every piece of product information that reaches your customers is correct, consistent and complete. This is determined by features like automated enrichment rules, product completeness tracking, and data validation.


Delivering Success with Akeneo Partnership

Since we’ve partnered up with Akeneo, we have been able to help our clients deliver a compelling customer experience across all their channels, simplify their product catalogue management and improve product data quality, which is key to brand success


If you’re looking to integrate Akeneo or BigCommerce into your site, reach out to our team of eCommerce experts. Email success@5874commerce.com or call 0121 369 5874 to start the conversation today.




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