25 March 2021

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We Are A dotdigital Certified Partner

dotdigital certified partner

What is dotdigital?

Dotdigital is a global leading provider of omnichannel marketing automation.

Their engagement cloud platform is a 360-solution for all your marketing automation needs. Using data-driven content, dotdigital enables brands to engage with their audience better than ever before through building segments, triggers, automating relevant campaigns, driving specific messaging and much more.

Marketing automation comes with a range of benefits, including reduced costs, boosting business revenue, enhanced targeting and segmentation and reducing room for error. dotdigital has a whole host of marketing tools for merchants to discover including:

  • Email
  • SMS
  • Live chat
  • Landing pages & forms
  • eCommerce

Marketing Automation


Merchants that use dotdigital can better understand their customers as they’re able to create customer lifecycle journeys that are bespoke to each demographic.

dotdigital: How can it grow your business?

So what makes dotdigital so special? See below for the top benefits of dotdigital and how it can help grow your business.

Save time with automation – Take the manual labour out of delivering your marketing campaigns by setting up triggered workflows that fire off emails, or other messaging based on customer behaviour. Once all the rules are set the dotdigital will do the rest, sending all emails independently. This gives you the ability to nurture existing contacts as well as turning more leads into customers.

Scalability – The dotdigital Engagement Cloud enables SMEs to maximise returns and scale their businesses quickly to increase ROI.

Seamless integration – dotdigital easily connects the BigCommerce platform and integrates with many other technology partners. This helps retailers to provide the best customer service possible.

Data-driven personalisation – Tailor your marketing content so that each piece of content you send is unique and relevant to your audience. Using data stored, businesses can gain a real understanding of their customers behaviours and preferences.

For instance, businesses can discover what links customers tend to click on, which pages they are most interested in, and the types of content they are engaged with. Email workflows are an optimised way of marketing to your ideal customers. Features such as dynamic content allow businesses to further engage with their customers on a more personal and relatable level.

5874 Commerce: Certified dotdigital Partner

Make smart marketing automation decisions with dotdigital and 5874 Commerce.

5874 Commerce is proud to be a dotdigital certified agency partner, meaning we have the expertise to offer exceptional support and implement best-in-class solutions for our clients.

Now you’ve seen the benefits of marketing automation, why not get started with yours today? Get in touch if you want to find out more by filling out our online enquiry form or emailing success@5874commerce.com.




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