21 September 2022

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What to Consider When Choosing Your Tech Stack


What are Tech Stacks

Did you know there are front and back tech stacks? Not me!

Tech stacks are technologies that are used to create a website, web service, or mobile app. They consist of two elements: the front and back end of a website. 


Types of Tech Stacks


Front End

The front end consists of what the client views and interacts with. Hence, front-end developers focus on creating graphics, buttons, and implementing interactions.


  • Some Front end coding languages, that we at 5874 use are HTML and CSS. 

Back End

It is said that the backend of a website is like the bones and the nervous system of the website. These include behind-the-scenes pieces that make the visible portions look and act the way they do. Essentially, backend stacks are the fundamentals that hold the site together. 


  • 5874 Commerce uses back-end programming languages such as JavaScript, PHP, and Python. 


How Are They Used & Their Importance

 Tech stacks are significant as they determine the type of developers you hire. Their programming/coding skills must align with what is being used. It is also helpful to know what the project is based on. To choose the right technologies and software for a project, it’s important to understand the requirements.



What to consider when choosing a Tech Stacks


Now that we’ve established what a tech stack is and its importance, let’s take a closer look at what to consider when you’re choosing a tech stack.


  • PlatformIt’s important to know what you expect from the project.


  • Project type – Consider the project’s size, complexity, processing strength, and business goals of the project.


  • ScalabilityYou can develop most small projects with a simple tech stack. However, large projects often require complex stacks and more specialized technologies. 


  • Team expertise – Ensure you have the correct team for the job with the correct skills and experience.


  • Maintenance – The team must be able to maintain the tech stack even post-release.


  • Security – Security can be a vital factor for certain projects. For example higher security is needed for programs that deal with finance or medical history.


  • Market – Launch the type of tech stack that can launch your website quickly. An example of this would be MEAN – which is a great back-end tech stack.


  • Costs – Such as salaries for development employees and hosting fees.


Choosing tech stacks is a big decision. Therefore it’s essential to talk to a developer with experience in the field. This will determine the correct tech stacks are used to complete or create a fully functioning website for you. Not sure know where to start? No worries, contact us. We have plenty of experienced developers who are just waiting to share information with you.


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