17 November 2016

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Why are product and store reviews so important?

Many eCommerce businesses underestimate the importance of product and store reviews for their stores. Pioneers in the industry, Amazon, have been utilising product reviews for decades and eBay has embraced the importance of user ratings to enable protection for sellers and buyers, but businesses are still unaware of the value behind reviews and that well-advocated Google Trusted Stores badge.

Product Reviews 

The online world is fast becoming a world of ratings; from social media ‘likes’ to mobile dating apps, we’re constantly deciding what qualifies for a stamp of credibility, and product reviews add to that consumer need for reassurance and quality.

The convenience of online shopping has always been what draws customers in to purchasing online, rather than in-store, but the one disadvantage is customers not being able to ‘test’ products bought online. With product reviews, it’s as if someone else has test-driven the product for you.

Customers trust other customers. Even in the case of negative reviews, they help build trust and credibility so customers know what to expect and to judge the best and worst factors of a product, based on their personal needs.

Each review also adds to the amount of free, organic content on your site, meaning a higher chance of getting ranked, and a higher ranking increases your chance of a customer choosing you.

Structured data doesn’t just apply to online retailers and product information, but all sorts of things, including business locations through Google Maps and links to social media, can also be displayed for a smoother and more powerful way for consumers to access your information.


Becoming Google Certified

A Google Trusted Store badge is also a great way to encourage customers to purchase from your store. It reassures shoppers that your online store is a safe and reliable place to spend their money, so there’s nothing stopping them from choosing your site over others. Purchase protection is also an option to buyers when a store proudly displays the Trusted badge, meaning they know they’re secure when handing over their cash. This puts your store ahead of the competition when it comes to Google Shopping, ranking your shop, and products, above all others.




Not offering user reviews or not being registered as a Google Trusted Store is basically disregarding a large proportion of your buying population, denying them of making informed purchasing decisions. With eCommerce, and BigCommerce in particular, being ranked above all other online stores is an integral part of creating a profitable business, and making sure customers choose you first is all about recognised trust and confidence in your product.


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