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Why this partner?

Ready to transform your product management process? Feedonomics is the leading data feed management platform, taking your business to new heights with the latest technology to streamline your business.

With Feedonomics, brands can send product data to hundreds of global channels, optimising product listings along the way for each marketplace. Sync orders, inventory and product data across all your systems and give your customers the 5* treatment.

With numerous automated processes that allow you to save time and development resources, businesses will be able to drive better ad performance and sales.

This really is the ultimate platform for getting your products seen and sold.

Why us?

As a Certified Feedonomics partner, we are experts at connecting all your ecommerce systems and integrating the platform so you’re set up for easy product optimisation. We’re also the leading Elite BigCommerce Partner, making us the ideal choice for bringing together this dynamic duo. Read more about the BigCommerce and Feedonomics partnership, here.

Partner Overview

  • Product optimisation for global marketplaces
  • Synchronise data across multiple systems
  • Better Ad performance




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