30 July 2020

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Partner Profile: Yotpo


Yotpo is an advanced online marketing platform for eCommerce businesses allowing merchants to build on customer reviews/ratings and user-generated content to create a trust-worthy and high-converting online experience for their users.

Powered by AI-technology, the platform uses data-driven solutions to help build strong customer relationships in order to drive purchases and increase sales.

Why choose Yotpo?

Generate More Customer Reviews – From customisable widgets and review request emails to coupon code incentives, Yotpo provides a range of tools that generate customer ratings and reviews. Incentivizing customers by giving them rewards from leaving product reviews can lead to encouraging repeat purchases.

Increase Purchase Confidence – The user feedback can be used across the site and throughout marketing campaigns and promotions to help increase purchase confidence in future buyers and drive sales. Engaging with your customers produces a trustworthy bond between consumer and brand, maximising LTV.

On-site User Generated Content (UGC) – Yotpo can display product images generated by customers in multiple locations across your site including the homepage and checkout page. UGC is an effective way of increasing the authenticity of content and increasing trust in products which can, therefore, help to boost conversion rates.

Product Recommendations – Recommending products to customers is a great way to showcase popular products and entice people into buying. Yotpo allows merchants to display a selection of eight products in a “Promoted Products” section. The products can either be chosen by the platform based on the algorithms in place, or the merchant can manually select these.

Consumer Insights – Actionable reporting and consumer metrics can be used to identify trends in customer behaviour.

Scalability – The platform’s scalability enables it to provide consistent excellence across brands and businesses of all sizes.

Mobile-Friendly – Yopto’s interface is mobile friendly meaning users can conveniently leave reviews without leaving the app. The platform is therefore not just limited to desktop use, and merchants can remain confident that its features will bring success across all devices.

Simple Integration Process – Yotpo seamlessly integrates with a range of primary platforms including BigCommerce and set-up is a quick and easy process.

Choosing a Yotpo Partner

5874 are experienced Yotpo partners and can help integrate the software into your current system. Give us a call on 0121 369 5874 or email success@5874commerce.com for more information.





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