24 January 2024

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The Women’s Domain Launches in the US

Since launching The Women’s Domain on International Women’s Day 2022, the campaign and the community surrounding it has continued to grow and evolve – and this is only the start. 

One year after the launch of the campaign, we released our Whitepaper, The Women’s Domain: Shaping the Future of eCommerce. Now, almost two years on, we’ve just launched The Women’s Domain in the US. The campaign was launched stateside with an event in New York City ahead of the NRF 2024 with the support of sponsors BigCommerce, Searchspring, Stamped and Patchworks. 

Hosted by 5874’s Marketing Director, Sara Russell, the evening consisted of drinks, networking, a buffet dinner and some compelling discussion set against the backdrop of Manhattan cocktail bar and restaurant, Valerie. Just like all of our events, the atmosphere was welcoming, informal and relaxed. Although we want our events to be fun and laid back, we also don’t shy away from difficult conversations, and this event was no exception. 

Here’s some of the topics that we touched on:

  • Is female rivalry really a thing and are there better ways women can truly support other women?   
  • That feeling of being the only woman in the room and how quickly imposter syndrome and anxiety take over. 
  • How many of us have had inappropriate behaviour and comments directed at us during industry events – particularly when there’s alcohol involved.
  • What’s next for The Women’s Domain and our shared excitement on what’s to come.


The night also had a focus on UK vs US experiences of being a woman in ecommerce, in preparation for The Women’s Domain Whitepaper update, coming March 2024. For this update, we’re undergoing research to understand the nuances of female experience across borders – what are the similarities and differences? How do policies compare? Is one group at a disadvantage? 

We’re so thankful to have been joined by some extraordinary women who generously shared their lived experiences and insights with us. 

What’s Next?

So, what’s next for The Women’s Domain?

As mentioned above, we’re currently preparing our Whitepaper update, so be sure to follow us on Linkedin to get all the updates on its release. We also have two more in-person events planned for April and September 2024, both in London, UK. So, if you’re an ecommerce professional, merchant or retailer and any of the above interested or resonated with you, why not join us for the next one?

To be the first to hear about all of this, join our Whatsapp Community where we’ll be sharing all announcements and updates first. As well as being the first to hear any news, our community is also a great place to connect with likeminds, seek opportunities and have a say in what we do next.




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