11 March 2024

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The Women’s Domain Releases New Whitepaper: The ROI of Inclusion and Building a Culture Fit for Women

It’s been 12 months since we launched our first whitepaper, The Women’s Domain: Shaping the Future of eCommerce on International Women’s Day 2023. That whitepaper was the result of lots of research and investigation into the role women play in ecommerce, but that was just the beginning. Now, we’re back with ‘The ROI of Inclusion and Building a Culture Fit for Women’ – a whole new whitepaper with new data, research and interviews. 

Following the 2023 whitepaper release, we were overwhelmed with the positive response we received, but also by the weight of responsibility that came with being instigators of change. This is why we were eager to deliver a new whitepaper that offered employers and employees actionable insights, tips and checklists that could actually help enact change in the workplace. It’s all well and good gathering reams of research, but it’s what you do with those findings that really matter. 


Want to know what we’re sinking our teeth into with this new instalment? Here’s a sneak peak of the topics we cover:

  • Is Your Culture Fit For Women?
    • How Toxic Work Culture is Failing Women
    • DEI: How to Create and Maintain an Inclusive Workplace
    • Shifting the Spotlight: Examining The Representation Of Women At Industry Events
    • Flexible Working: The Debate Continues
    • Parental Leave and Reboarding
  • Women’s Impact on eCommerce
    • The FemTech Revolution
    • A Woman’s Touch: Driving Success, Closing Investment Gaps, and Championing Purpose-Driven Ventures
    • Social Commerce & the Purchasing Power of Women


Did you know that…. 

62% of women working in technology have experienced toxic work cultures.

“Highly inclusive” organisations generate 1.4 times more revenue and are 120% more capable of meeting financial targets.

Women account for 85% of all consumer purchases.

In the US, only 3% of digital health fundraisings go to women’s health companies.


Our whitepaper is filled with stats like these along with insights from trailblazing women like Kate Isler (CEO & Co-Founder, The W Marketplace), Kelly Slessor (eCommerce Coach & Founder of Shop You), and Menstrual Health Project Co-Founders Anna Cooper and Gabriella Pearson.


So, what are you waiting for? It’s up to all of us to make a change, so download your free copy of ‘The ROI of Inclusion and Building a Culture Fit for Women’ to get started.




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