05 April 2023

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The Women’s Domain to Host Diversity and Inclusion Roundtables at IRX

The Women's Domain at IRX

A new conference track on diversity and inclusion (D&I) is set to launch at IRX & eDX 2023 on Thursday 25th May. 

The Diversity in Modern Commerce track aims to bring together leaders in retail from underrepresented backgrounds so that they can network, learn from each other and build relationships. Through keynotes, networking sessions and roundtable discussions, there will be plenty of opportunities to share career stories, understand the obstacles many face and gain new skills and perspectives. 

For The Women’s Domain, this decision to focus on D&I is a huge step forward for the ecommerce industry and its representation of women, women of colour and gender diversity. Creating a safe space for underrepresented individuals to come together is incredibly valuable, especially considering how diverse ecommerce as an industry truly is. 

We’re thrilled to partner with IRX to deliver two roundtable discussions, focusing on women and diversity in ecommerce. 

The Future of eCommerce – A Woman’s Role in Our Industry

Our first roundtable will focus on the role women play in our industry and what the future of ecommerce might look like if we can make positive changes in supporting women to succeed. 

In our women in ecommerce whitepaper, we looked at a wide range of obstacles that women face in the workplace. From motherhood to imposter syndrome to women’s health – there’s a lot our industry still isn’t doing to ensure women feel supported on their career journey. Too many referenced childcare costs or lack of representation as the reason for not progressing at work. 

That’s not to say there aren’t so many inspiring women who are taking retail by storm. We have talked with multiple women for The Women’s Domain podcast and for the whitepaper, who share their experiences, successes and failures. This roundtable aims to bring together more women in ecommerce so that we can connect and learn from each other. With influential speakers and a forum for open and honest discussion, this event is one not to be missed.


Diversity in Leadership – Why Representation Matters

Representation is an essential part of diversity and inclusion. Without it, we’re going to struggle to see roles fulfilled and end up in an industry with limited perspectives and resources. No business will succeed when the decision-makers don’t represent the audience for which they serve.

Our second roundtable looks at diversity in leadership and why it’s important for businesses to look at who is sitting in the boardroom. It’s been a ‘white boy’s club’ for too long. That isn’t an accurate representation of the world in which we live and work. We aim to discuss what really makes a leader and why the path to leadership can be bumpy for those from underrepresented backgrounds, along with what businesses can do to ensure their workplace is fully inclusive. 

Secure your ticket for IRX & eDX at NEC, Birmingham – 24th & 25th May – now! The Women’s Domain will also be there filming Fast Talk videos and would love to chat with as many people as possible. Look out for the team in our branded t-shirts and say hello!




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