17 January 2023

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Top Web Developer Trends of 2023

Throughout the history of the internet, web developer trends have evolved. Remember when web assembly and voice search used to be a phenomenon?

Keeping track of the latest web development features and incorporating them into your eCommerce store for an outstanding user experience and website performance is essential for web owners.

Ready to renovate your website to make it relevant and attractive to consumers? Here are the trends to look out for this year.

Top 5 Web Development Trends  2023


Mobile-First Development

It’s no surprise to know that mobile development will continue to increase in popularity this year. Statistics from Oberlo suggest that as of August 2022, 59.4% of all web traffic came through mobile phones. As a result, it’s vital to consider asking for a responsive vertical orientation view for your website to maximise the user experience. Through the use of meta viewport tags, browsers can scale the viewed website. Many developers now design websites with mobile devices in mind. 


Voice Search is Rapidly Increasing in Popularity

Typing?! In 2023? No thanks.

Did you know that Gen Z love using voice activation to search for data? Siri and Alexa are the most popular choices. To fully embrace this trend and enhance the customer experience, it’s important to inform the web developers working on your eCommerce site to optimise web pages for voice search. Not only is this yet another way for consumers to shop on your site, but it also makes it more accessible for sight-impaired users.


Progressive Web Applications (PWA)  

PWA can be displayed on home screens, taskbars and docks which can operate without a network connection. Developer code PWAs work with modern APIs to determine capabilities and reliability, yet can reach anyone no matter where they are or on any device, with a single codebase. 

Using BigCommerce‘s flexible API architecture, developers can create customised solutions to complex problems and optimise your website’s performance.


AI Chatbots Are Becoming More Intelligent

The use of chatbots over the past couple of years has increased and become a popular feature to use on eCommerce platforms. They allow you to provide customer service to your consumers in a 24/7 timeframe. They are now very advanced and can pinpoint what the issue is and provide information on how to solve it. As a result, customer engagement and trust are enhanced on the website, which in turn improves the customer experience.


Parallax Scrolling 

Parallax scrolling has recently made a comeback! In 2023 we will see this UX feature used on a lot more websites to add depth and dimension. The background content of a section of a webpage (often an image) moves at a different speed to the foreground when somebody scrolls through the page. This will make users more engaged and have a more interactive shopping experience. Your website will benefit from this design strategy if you want to increase visitors, reduce bounce rates, and create a visually appealing website.


What’s next?

 The web is always improving and evolving. With the predicted trends mentioned above, businesses will be able to create simplistic and functional websites. 

 Vercel, one of our tech partners, allows for easy integration to facilitate backend development. Its features and tools make the implementation of websites smoother for our web developers to finish and maintain.

 We have created some great bespoke websites for our clients over the years. The web development team ensures the highest quality and maintains the website so it functions to the full extent of its capabilities and is customised to any client’s needs.


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